Missing model texture when rendered in Vegas.

edited February 2015 in Pro Support

I had a couple of projects that rendered just fine with in Vegas. These projects included a number of different media types: Video, still images and a 3d model with textures.   I'd used the projects repeatedly in vegas with no problem, but while batch rendering today, I noticed one wasn't rendering correctly.  The model was missing it's textures when used in vegas, both during rendering and on it's timeline. If I used 'Edit in Hitfilm' the projects would open just fine, including the model having it's texture.

Long story short, for some reason when rendering through vegas, hitfilm 3 pro projects could no longer find model textures and it seems to be due to the relative path names.

I can create a new HF3Pro project with video, stills and models with textures, save it  and through vegas, only the models textures will be missing if I save using the relative path option.  Changing the project to use absolute path names of course takes care of things.

Anyone else seeing any issues like this?

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