Hitfilm Server has stopped working

I am running Vegas Pro 13 build 428 and HitFilm3 Pro version: 3.0.3813.6. I add any HD video to the timeline in Vegas Pro 13. Right click on the video and select add Hitfilm effect. Hitfilm3 Pro is launched. HitFilm3 Pro comes up. I select the event in HitFilm3 Pro then click on make Composite Shot and select OK. Make any change, for example, rotate the image and save the Hitfilm3 Pro file by clicking on the save icon. When I go back to Vegas Pro 13 all is updated. I save the vegas project. When I close Vegas or HitFilm3 Pro in any order I get the  error message. "Hitfilm Server has stopped working" . Everything is fine except the Hitfilm Server does not get shut down  properly.

Ed B


  • I am running Win 7 64x latest level and Quadro 4000 at recommended level.

    Ed B

  • I discovered if I set the "GPU acceleration of video processing" to "off" in Vegas Pro 13 Preferences - Video I do not get the error "Hitfilm server has stopped working". I normally set GPU acceleration of video processing to" NVIDIA Corporation (Quadro 4000)". Maybe this will give you some insight as to what the problem is.

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