Animated Spinning Two Sided Logo

Hi All,

I would like to make a spinning water mark that shows my logo and the customers logo on the other side.

Would someone please direct me in the right direction for a tutorial or discussion that has already covered this?

Thank you in advance. Cheers David


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    I don't think something like this has already been covered, but it's not that hard to do.

    Start by putting both logos into a composite shot, turn both into 3D planes, and flip one of them 180° on the Y axis. Parent them both to the same point, keyframe that point's rotation controls to achive the rotation.

    If both logos are solid and have the same dimensions, make sure both logos are very slightly offset to each other on the Z axis so as to allow HitFilm to discern which one is actually in front right now, and you should already be done .

    If they have different dimensions and/or contain an alpha channel, you don't need that step, instead you'll have to keyframe the opacity of each logo to 100/0 according to which logo is in front right now. Using the constant interpolation mode for those keyframes might save you a little time.

  • Thank you but I have dropped the idea.

    I appreciate your reply.

  • Well, no problem whatsoever! :D Did you come up with something else, something we can see even?

  • Sorry Robin, totally missed the reply. Nothing like getting back to you 2 years later, but lets just say the last couple of years had it's ups and downs.

    I did go back to it eventually  making it through composite and then layers-transform-rotation on both logos and then combining them with the first logo disappearing on the first half rotation and the other logo appearing and so on.

    logo here below


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