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Has anyone else had a view stop responding to the mouse?

I've noticed it since the last update (3.0.3813.6). It's possible it happened before, but I just recently noticed it.

It's never happened to the main view.  Once it happens, if I have more than one view, one is locked up, even if I change back to just one, then back to 2,3 or 4. It's normally the right or top right, depending on how many views I have. Changing layout doesn't fix it. So far only exiting and running HF3Pro again fixes it.

Once it's in this state, while it does update the view, it doesn't respond to input. None of the controls/dropdown respond at all. Clicking on it doesn't 'select' it, giving it the thin blue border.  Moving the mouse over it doesn't update the X: and Y: in the bottom right. If the view panel is not selected, clicking in the unresponsive view will select the panel, but not the view.

I haven't noticed anything that might be causing it, but it's happening often.

EDITED: Just exited due to this, came back in and in about a minute, it happened again :(


  • Here's a link to a project that for me, causes it to happen on both Windows and MAC.

    My layout for testing was Composite.

    Open the project.. It should have two composite tabs open in the timeline panel, and .'D20 Dice with Media Containers' should be the first and selected with two views. Move your mouse over both views to verify they are working (X: and Y: values change). Now click on the tab for the second composite 'D20 16 Media Container'. It will switch to one view. Click on the tab for 'D20 Dice with Media Containers' again. Move your mouse over the views, the second shouldn't be responding to the mouse.


  •  Hi Richard,

    The upload is showing a 404 error, could you upload the Project again if you don't mind?


  • Sorry about that. I normally double check my links, but apparently forgot. Here's the correct link.

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