"Sony is no longer an electronics company"

That's the headlines.

So... Sony has exited the TV business, and will be spinning off the mobile, camera and video lineups.

For the video community this is interesting: Sony created one of the main broadcast cam formats, makes and sells a lot of broadcast gear, and, of course, there's Sony's video software--Vegas, and Sony owns NewBlue as well as a few other companies... Wonder what's going to happen there?

As a Vegas user (and I love editing in Vegas far more than Premiere, Avid, FCP and Hitfilm) I wonder if my favorite editor's days are numbered....

Josh Davies, mayhaps there's an acquisition in your future....



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    The audio and video unit will be a wholly owned subsidiary and Sony cameras have been nearly as profitable as the Playstation. Vegas is part of Sony Creative Software Inc based in Wisconsin the home of the original publisher Sonic Foundry, When Sony first bought Sonic Foundry it was via Sony Pictures Digital so it kind of sounds like the Sonic Foundry software has already been spun off for some time

  • I don't think Sony own NewBlue, do they?

    Anyway, interesting times for Sony. They always seem to be the target of extreme hacking events, which always confuses me as Sony products generally tend to be of high quality.

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    Yeah, Sony actually bought NewBlue about two or three years ago. 

    Sony gets bad flack. If Sony creates a proprietary format, Sony gets slammed for gouging and not using "industry standards." Apple creates a proprietary format and it's "innovation." Sony ships bad third-party batteries, news won't shut up about Sony negligence for a year. Apple ships a bunch of bad batteries, it gets one day of coverage about how it's not Apple's fault, it was the supplier. 

    Sony has been a  target for a decade. Sad, but true. 

    There are many, many other examples. On the other hand, maybe Sony really does need to divest and strip back. Their name is on one or more of a bewildering array of products, and the varied divisions tend not to communicate or cooperate much. This is how you get a Sony Vegas version lacking support for a Sony XDCAM 4K codec for a year... 

    Ah, I dunno.  

  • @Triem23 ;  Interesting points about Sony vs. Apple. 

    I would suggest that Apple gets a pass in the states because its a U.S. company, however they are just as much a multinational as Sony.  

  • To be fair sony has been deemed not worth the cost in terms of quality since mid 90s.  Apple has been able to get away with that crap because they created a loyal following for their ecosystem.  Sony has created a shoddy image of themselves by releasing things of varying quality but almost always highly priced.

  • That's not really true these days, at least not entirely. I don't much of Sony's home theater components, but their cameras offer stellar quality and lower prices than their competitors' in most cases.

    What bums me out the most about this is that Sony sensors have been among the best in the industry lately, in not only their own cameras both for stills and cinema, but also for other companies like GoPro, DJI (the Inspire 1 has a Sony sensor in its camera), and even Nikon and Phase 1.

    This could have no effect on us as Sony customers, and it could lead to some nice products disappearing. It's hard to predict at this point. 

  • For anyone going to NAB this year, it will be interesting to see what's in the Sony booth.

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    Yeah, its weird how people love to bash Sony. I've never had problems with their consumer, prosumer or pro gear/software. Or at least no problems that were any worse than any other company.

  • I just received an e-mail from Sony Creative Software regarding some deep discounts for Vegas and Sound Forge (etc). Hopefully Vegas will either go independent or get acquired by someone willing to keep it alive and kicking, because I'd be using that if I weren't using Edius as my primary NLE...

    ... at least until HitFilm is solid enough for use in larger projects with sync sound and all that. :)


  • This is definitely nerve-wracking news for those of us who rely primarily on Vegas Pro.  I'm not going to panic just yet though.  If they do sell off Vegas, maybe it'll go to a highly customer-responsive company.  Start saving up FXhome ;)


  • what were the discounts?

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    It was 25% off of new licenses and 40% off of upgrades. The Vegas Pro suite is $599, the upgrade $267. I'm not sure if it's worth it for me since I already have Edius as an editing app, but for someone looking to get in, it's probably a pretty nice deal, especially since the Vegas Pro licenses is now $299 with this deal.

  • Oddly enough it was a 50% upgrade from Pro to Suite that brought me to Hitfilm Ultimate 2 

  • Same kind of deal for me just before Christmas. $250 to go from Pro to Suite plus they through in a couple of gigs worth of a sound effects library, some Izotope plugins and Production Assistant

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    The extras make it actually tempting. :)

  • Production Assistant had some nice features. Very useful (Batch rendering for instance--DNxHD transcode, anyone?). But I use Vasst Ultimate S Pro which is from the coders of Production Assistant, more powerful and cheaper. 

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    I've been using Vegas for a number of years very happily and have always upgraded to the latest version. I seem to be very lucky, in that all versions have run very smoothly for me and I really rate it as an NLE.

    In the day job as a director, I sit next to an editor who has to use Avid, because that is the received wisdom. There are many times that I tell him/her about how much easier it is to cut with Vegas! 

    I'd be really sorry if Vegas was forced out of existence, so this thread got me thinking about an alternative.

    I had used Premiere Pro in the past, but my machine wasn't really up to it, but as an experiment with my latest PC, I downloaded over the weekend, a trial version of Premiere Pro CC.

    Amazing! Stable and responsive, probably due to their Mercury Engine.

    I couldn't really fault it.

    However, I have no intention of changing just yet - and if Vegas is not going to be affected by any take-overs etc, then I probably will stay with it.

    It's just good to know that there is an excellent alternative out there - apart from the lack of intergration with Hitfilm!!!

  • I've been editing with Edius, mostly because I'm finding it to be faster and lighter as well as more user friendly than Premiere. I'd have given Vegas a closer look, but the version I installed the trial of couldn't load my footage while Edius handled it just fine.

    As far as UIs go though, so far HitFilm's is one of the nicest NLE's I've tried yet. 

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