png sequence file not being imported correctly

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Wierd issue.
I have received  renders named sequentially in this way.


Hitfilm doesn't import these files in correct order.

Its not following the normal way which is to add a zero before single digit numbers like *_01.png. Other appz have no problem

When the sequence reaches 100 or 1000 frames the names are now *_100.png  
hitfilm has trouble making sense of it because the number of digits is not the same.  Other appz have no problem.
I could rename it to follow typical conventions like *_0100.png   but if other appz have no problem I think its a hitfilm issue.


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    Interesting, I work with .png image sequences exported from Blender and they export with the name convention of "*_0001.png".  In the past, it has been noticed that without the zeroes at the beginning, this is how windows organizes these files:




    (12 through 19.png)



    (21 through 29.png)



    and so forth. It doesn't stabilize with normal count until after 100. Understanding that you already stated that other software has no problem with it, I'm simply submitting that perhaps HitFilm is following Windows' logic in it's organization based on the naming of the files in the sequence.

  • Probably windows xp? In windows 7 when its arranged by name its correct even with this naming I posted.  So I think its a hitfilm issue.

  • @Chibi - Issues with Image Sequences have been noted, we are working on improving the importing of Image Sequences. Please keep an eye out for future updates.

  • Thanks!. I also hope that drag and drop folder to import image sequence would be implemented.

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