Export Error: Failed to push frame 42.


Trying to export a UHD @ 25fps H.264 fails.

My PC:

i7-2600K (not overclocked, Hyper Threading disabled)
GeForce GTX 660 (Driver 347.52)
Windows 8.1 Pro

How to reproduce:
New Project: 4K Ultra HD @ PAL 25 fps
Import a file containing UHD @ 25fps
Take 5 seconds of it (length may not be important) and place in editor
Shrink the editor duration down to 5 seconds to match the length of the clip.
Save the project (may not be important)
Export H.264
-Profile: High
-Level: 5.1
-Target Bitrate: 102.127
-Max Bitrate: 150.096
Export - After a few seconds: Export Error - Failed to push frame 42.

Changing the Target & Max Bitrate seems to have the same effect just happens on a different frame, but it's always the same frame for the given Target/Max settings.

Changing to Constant Bitrate exports fine.


  • Update: Constant Bitrate also fails, seems I was lucky picking 102.127Mbps, if I increase that to 201.603 then: failed to push frame 6.

  • Same error for me when using an export frame rate higher than the source frame rate.

  • Something having to do with life, the universe, or, perhaps, everything?

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