Can anyone show me a simple way to do a camera pan from a stationary point starting from the right and panning to the left in HF3P? I have the camera parented to a 3D point and am controlling the point keyframes to create the right to left panning.

I've tried the orientation controls and the rotation Y control. When the camera is supposed to be panning right to left, even with two keyframe positions set 10 - 15 frames apart, the camera always pans left to right between the two keyframes and then jumps to the correct position for the next keyframe.

All I'm trying to recreate is the first 10 secs of this video  ( which was done in HF2U. Can't seem to accomplish the same thing in HF3P and it's not like it's anything real difficult. The camera is stationary and follows the ship as it passes but as I stated, the camera keeps changing direction and spinning around the wrong way to reach the correct position by the next keyframe. Especially when I'm trying to use the Y rotation control.



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    Well, after some trial and error it took closing the program and opening it again the next day and then the camera behaved as key framed. Can't explain it other than HF3P must be taxing my laptop and causing errors or something.

    I guess I'm done until I can rebuild my desktop sometime in the next three weeks.  

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