Layer properties: Visible vs Mute (video footage)

  1. Drop a clip on the Editor timeline.
  2. Right click and make composite shot.
  3. If you mute it, the video plays but there's no sound.
  4. If you make it invisible, but leave mute unchecked, the video plays but there's no sound.

Please advise how I can use the audio of a clip in a composite shot, without showing the video. Just mask it out?



  • oh dear.

    4. The video does not play - it's invisible, which is good. But the sound, which is not muted, does not play, which is bad.

  • Well, if you drag the clip sideways until its out of the viewer, that should do it. Or place it under whatever clip you want to actually see, in the layer stack.

    The audio should definitely still play if you have used a mask to mask out the video though. I've just tested it here, and it works fine. I added a clip to a comp, used a rectangular mask to select the entire frame, then inverted the mask, so the viewer goes black. Play the timeline, and I get no image, but the sound still plays.

  • Yep, got it sorted - thank you for the suggestions.

    It does seem strange to make a clip invisible but not muted and have no sound from that clip though, innit?

  • It doesn't seem strange to me, but I can understand what you mean. I've always viewed that "visibility" toggle as more of an "enable/disable" toggle for the layer . And since the audio and video are parts of the same layer, disabling the layer kills both.

  • Yeah right. You can completely unlink the audio from the video, so I guess I saw them as 2 separate entities.

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