What does [Export frame] do?

I thought I'd be able to prolong the final frame of a clip with a still of that final frame by exporting it, importing it and then adding it as a layer under the clip. I've done this in Vegas so I believe I understand the mechanics of it.

The video clip ends and the static image starts - works as expected.

But that image file is not the same as the final frame of the video. Not by a long shot.


  • What do you mean its not the same?  Can you give us any details, or better yet, an image that shows the issue?

    Export frame renders the frame where the playhead currently sits, and saves it as a still image. 

  • I'll do that later this week, Axel.

    Basically I export the last  frame of a video clip and then import that image to "extend" the video clip. When you play the result, however, the image "jumps back in time".

  • I got around it by adding noise and broken effects TV :D

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    Did you have the playhead on the final frame of the video, on the timeline, when you exported the frame? If it jumps back in time it sounds like you might be exporting a frame from earlier in the clip?

  • Yes that seems the obvious answer, but no, as I said, I have successfully done this very same thing in Vegas Studio, so I understand the mechanics of how it is meant to be working.

    I play the composite shot all the way to the end. There is still an image on the screen, in the viewer. It's the last frame, as the app has stopped playing.

    I export that frame, and stick it under the clip layer, as the next frame.

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    @aarondc, I successfully did the exact same thing in HF3 a few days ago. Are you zoomed in enough that you can be sure you have the exact next frame? Also, if you have snapping turned off it might be worth it to turn it on just to make this join work. Lastly, if the clip ends and you want to extend it, why not put the still picture on the same video track, just right after the video?

    EDIT: Also, I'd love to see the video when it's complete. Let me know where I can see it when its ready!

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    As with Zed, this is a technique I've used many times. Try using the frame-step shortcuts (< and >) to make sure you've got the precise frame. You can also use the Page Up and Page Down keys to jump to the start/end of clips and layers.

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