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Hi Guys ,

I edited some 3d models  Building  From Video copilot Metropolitan after i exported , when i play back the clip and when the building  are moving which zooming in the antennas  looks kind of jerky moving funny  not sure how to explain or what you call it  , but if you know what i mean any help PEASE

Thank you


  • The antennas are super-thin, which can cause lighting/aliasing issues depending on their distance from the camera, basically because they end up being less than 1 pixel wide in some areas.

    Some workarounds to try are working at a higher resolution (eg 4K) and then downscaling, moving the camera in closer, or modifying the models to remove the antennas or make them larger.

    It's an unusual situation, but is hopefully something we can look into in greater detail in the future.

  • Or try turning up your MSAA level from default 4 to 16 or 32.

  • SimonKJonesSimonKJones Moderator
    edited February 2015

    That can help in some cases, but the issue in this specific case is actually with the lighting model interacting with super-fine structures, so the issue is happening prior to the AA being applied.

  • Ah, well in that case your "render higher res, then dowsample" is a better tip. I don't have metropolitan, but do you think turning up MSAA woyld help with the high-res image before downsample? Anything that hits subpixel width is a pain. 

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