How do you link a new account to a previous Hitfilm purchase?

So I recently made a new Hitfilm account. I did so, because I recently changed my email, and my previous account used my old email, but I couldn't remember my password for that account, and I couldn't send it to myself since my email was changed. So I've made a new account, and I'd like to know how I can link the new account to my previous purchase of Hitfilm 2 Ultimate. I'd like to link it, so I can upgrade my purchase.

Thank you.


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    You'll probably need to contact FXHome to deal with that.  They may respond here (after the weekend), but I'd also suggest submitting  a question. Be sure to include info about both accounts. Not sure how they'll verify the old account is yours if you don't have access to it.

  • Are you sure you can't just change your email on the old account? I'm pretty sure I've done that in the past

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    Yes, but the issue is that he changed email, but forgot password, so he can't do a password reset. 

    My guess is,if you provide your activation code they should be able to find your original account and relink you.  

  • Oops yes I missed that bit of the post. I'm sure the guys can sort you out if you submit an email or ticket

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