Canon T2i Footage Freezing in HF3P

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Windows 7  i5  NVIDIA GeForce 555M 6GB

Since update #2 I've been experiencing problems with video freezing but just the video. The audio is fine and keeps playing but the video freezes on one frame and won't budge. When I close out HF3P and reopen it, the video works again. This can happen more than one time in any project with T2i footage.

In the project I'm working on now the video skips ahead about 5 to 10 secs and freezes on one frame. This didn't happen to the video before the update which is when I first started working on it. I went back to add some text animation, make some corrections and adjustments after the update and that's when it started.

Everything else in the composites i.e. text animation or music work just fine. I may have to go back to HF2U to finish in time for the deadline or uninstall HF3P update and go back to the version I was working with before .....which I'm going to try now since I'd have to start completely over in HF2U.

EDIT: Oops- can't go back to previous version.  :^(  I had already edited some things with the update installed and the project won't open in the earlier version.


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    My mistake- I did put the video together after the update. I looked at the wrong video properties before to find the date. The video I'm working on now (with the problem) is dated Jan 19th- the update was on the 16th. Apologies. I really have to learn to label things not so similarly.

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    I wonder if there was a glitch during the first update download. I reinstalled HF3P with the update and so far so good. Hopefully the problem corrected itself. Is that outside the of the realm of possibility?

    EDIT: Nope- it happened again. This time it stopped at a different point in the video while the audio was fine.  :^(  This time it happened after I exported the video (38 minutes to export) and found a spelling error in a part of the composite before the T2i footage . Went to correct it and export again and the footage froze.


    Just had an instance where I had tracked part of a short video clip and when I moved the clip into a different position on the timeline in the composite the video froze but the tracking point moved as if the video was working properly.

    After closing the program and opening it again the clip worked again like it should.  ?!?!?!?!

  • I'm experiencing the same glitch, but with ProRes in Windows 8.1. 

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    So what's different in HF3P that QuickTime .MOV files don't run smoothly like they did in HF2U? I never had to convert any video and just don't get what's different.

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