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Hi all,
I want to purchase PFHoe Tracking Software for use with Big Hit Film software....but I'm trying to find out if I can use Paypal to purchase the Software.
Not sure if they make any acceptions as I noticed they do not have an option to pay with Paypal.
Any info on this would be great.
Adam Gibson:)


  • That only works IF you can supply a serial number. I'm trying to purchase it using the Hitfilm discount (so I don't have one) and it says "invalid code". No other way listed to contact these guys. Seems kinda fishy for a real company...
  • Ah, it must be related to the fact that one of the ways they keep the cost low on the PFHoe products is by offering limited support. As opposed to their fully supported, and very expensive, professional products like PFTrack. You should be able to contact the company through their main site, though, at the very least they could let you know how to get in contact ith someone in the PFHoe division. Try this page, and make sure and explain that the issue is related to the PFHoe website:
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    Hi, sorry about the "contact us" page on the PFhoe website, this was changed recently and I've since asked for the serial number field to be made non mandatory. I'll chase this up.
    You can contact the PFhoe team by emailing:
    I've also got in touch with few-regrets and the coupon code should be working again shortly. I've set up another coupon code so not to hold anybody up, you can use "FXHomePromo1" This offers 25% (FXHome Promo) discount on PFhoe Pro until the close of today.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Thanks Paula, I'm sure everybody here really appreciates your time to talk directly to the HitFilm community. Good stuff.
  • Indeed, thanks for clearing this up Paula.
  • You're very welcome, it's a nice community to visit :)
    FYI The contact us page has now been fixed, I'm pleased to say.
    All the best,

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