Exported video plays out of frame.

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So, I finished my first big trailer.

Exporting done, I eagerly played the video- What is going on?! My project window didn't show this, less than a fourth of my video can be seen on QuickTime; and the exact same thing with Windows Media Player.See?I don't know if it's a problem with the program, or if I did something while composting; but after exporting four times the problem is still present.



  • Just to clarify, the exported video looks different to what you see in the viewer in HitFilm on the timeline you're exporting? If yes, that should definitely not be the case. To what format are you exporting?

  • Just checking that you were indeed monitoring your work in the Active Camera window?

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    If you mean you can only see less than 1/4 in length of time, check your in and out points on the timeline. Also- make sure you have the correct timeline selected when exporting i.e. editor or the composite shot you're project is on. Check the 'Export Area' too. There are 3 selections in the dropdown box: Content Area, Work Area & Entire Timeline.

    If you mean the video is off center then you can select the layer out of frame and center it in the viewer. And as RobinDaviesRollinson said, make sure you're viewing the project through the active camera.

    If you posted a video example above, it's not showing. A bit more detail would help us zero in on the problem.

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    I figured it out, my editing window was off center; after re-positioning the text within the viewer, I exported and there I have it.

    My that was a lot of work for a first-project (success is sweet).

    Thanks for all the support though.

    Here's a link to my finished project.


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