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Hello Hitfilm community,

I got a problem. I made some clips and worked with them in Hitfilm 3 pro, the quality of these was very good, even if they were made in a dark environment with quite no lightning. After I rendered these clips the qulity was just like I made it with a camera in a phone from 1980, you cant see anything exept from grain and really big ereas of the same colour and everything being black befor was green and flickering, just like really big pixels. I think it has something to do with the GPU rendering, its the first time I have this problem , because its the first time me using my new pc which is able to do GPU rendering, so is there a possibility to turn it off.

thanks for all answers 


btw :If i switch to AVI instead of H.264 its a lot better.


  • Did you brighten the clips significantly in HitFilm?

  • It sounds like you are compressing the video a lot when you export. What Export settings are you using?

  • I don't think phones had cameras in 1980. :)

    But yeah - this sounds like over-compression, so check your H264 settings. Also note that H264 is designed to be a delivery format - it can give superb results, but by design it reduces the amount of data in order to reduce filesize. If retaining that data is important, consider using a PNG or OpenEXR image sequence instead.

  • Any chance that we can get DNxHR or ProRes options? :)

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