HitFilm 3 Pro crashes after hitting "new" button

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We got a brand new computer so that we could run HITFILM3 PRO but it crashes when tryning to open a file. A window pops up sayingthat hitfilm got an error and that it has to exit. Runing windows 8.1 with nvidea GeForce GT 740M


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    The GPU seems to match the minimum specs, but mobile cards can have some issues. Anyways, this seems like you best raise a support ticket directly from here: http://hitfilm.com/questions/submit

    Also, as they're going to ask you those, try to include as many specs as possible, like cpu, ram, os and gpu.

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    Same problem as above, but running Intel HD 4000 graphics card. Was excited, now annoyed. 

  • @TylerGeeson The gpu was just a guess, it might as well be another issue. As said, best to raise a support ticket for cases like this, so the hitfilm guys can figure out whats going wrong.

  • First and foremost make sure your drivers are up to date especially on nvidia cards with HF 3. There have been issues in this area. Just because it's a new PC doesn't mean the drivers are up to date. If this doesn't work then submit a ticket to support.

    On the HD4000 PC I would still check drivers but also submit a support ticket giving all the details of your PC specs as @Robin said above.  It's vital the support guys have as much detail as possible to sort the problem for you.

    HF3 should work on both these configurations. 

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    So sorry to hear you guys are having issues.

    Please do, as the others have stated, send us a support ticket so that we can fix this problem for you as soon as possible.

  • The issue here is most likely the fact that your laptop has multiple GPU's & HitFilm is using the Intel HD GPU present when it should be using the stronger dedicated Nvidia card.

    You can read about how to set-up your laptop with multiple GPU's in the link below:


  • @ KirstieT : I uploaded the Data as requested by Hitfilm... I dont have the Issue all the Time, just "sometimes"... do I need a Support Ticket anyway? Otherwise I would just wait for the next Update. FXHome is pretty fast with them...

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    You could wait for the next update @Grisby but there isn't any guarantee that the new update will contain fixes to your issue - specifically if it's just the case that your multiple GPU's are set up incorrectly. 
    I would recommend that you send in a support ticket anyway. Can't hurt - and regardless of how often it happens - it would be better if it didn't happen at all :D

  • Thanks for the Answer, KirtieT. :-)
    Ok. I'm working on a Laptoop (Acer Aspire 772G with i7-4702MQ 2,2GHz and the additional Grafikcard NVIDIA GeForc GTX 760M, 16GB DDR3 Memory. I will send that Information to a Ticket, perhaps it will help also others.
    Chris :-)

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    Hi @KirstieT : You send me an answer the next Day, but I don't know, how to find that again. You told me to assign Hitfilm to the NVidia-Card and to update that Driver...

    MANY Thanks, that fixed the Problem! :-)

    Chris :-)

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