Problems with lastest Nvidia Driver

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Clean install of 347.09 and had nothing but headaches both in HF3 and Vegas 12 .

Did a clean install of previous driver 344.75 and it seems to have fixed my problems.

Anyone else?



  • I did not know they updated the drivers again as I just recently updated to 344.79.  I won't upgrade to the new drivers then, thanks for letting us know.

    What problems have you experienced with the newer drivers?

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    Also what hardware do you have in your machine?

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    GTX 980-Couple of 3D models with an MP4 over the top to shatter and reveal the models.  Was trying to import sound.  HitFilm has encouinterd an error and must close. Did send crach dump.

    In Vegas, setting preferences, the little blue box that highlights "preferences" stayed on the screen after closing.  Progam as a whole would just randomly crash.

    Anybody else have'had problems with 347?

    Clean install of 344 seems to have worked.



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