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I have been using Hitfilm 2 Express for quite a while until I switched to Hitfilm 3 Pro. I was enjoying its new features and things until when I imported my fifth clip; it crashed on me. So then I just shook it off and continued then after a few imports later, it crashed again. Now it has gotten to where every time I import a few clips, it crashes and I don't know what the problem is. Hopefully you guys can help. Thank You!


  • Hi @JoeyH - you might start by submitting a ticket on this, plus, you can post more information about your system here, including GPU.

    To submit to FXHome, go here

  • Ok @rgbii thank you

  • I speculate you are on Windows importing MOV clips from a DSLR. 

    If Iam right, Windows QuickTime basically sucks. It's 32-bit and has trouble dealing with a combined clip data of 4GB. This is an Apple issue, but FXHOME is aware of this issue, and it was specifically mentioned in the most recent FXHOME Blog on this site and an issue being worked on for the next Hitfilm update in January. 

    You still may wantto open the support ticket in case it's something else.  

  • what's the fifth clip video format? I failed to load all my MOV clips into HF3. I just give up.

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