Has anyone noticed the opacity setting is missing for 3D models?

I really could have used that today. I wonder why they removed that feature.


  • It's there when set to 3d but goes away when set to 3d unrolled.   Odd.

  • Just a guess... 3D Unrolled? Think it's still there in 2D mode. 

  • It does seem you can lower the opacity as 3d then switch to 3d unrolled, but the opacity will be lower once set to 3d unrolled.

  • edited December 2014

    I think this is because opacity is mostly a 2d property of a whole layer, which isn't working correctly when you're dealing with (possibly) intertwined layers in a unified 3D space. The opacity of a model in a true 3D environment would properly always be defined by the transparency of the textures used.

  • Pretty much what Robin said. S'why I guessed Stormy is in 3D Unrolled. 

  • Yup- I was in 3D unrolled and didn't know you could set up opacity in 3D and switch to 3D unrolled. It's okay if it comes out lower 'cause at least it can be adjusted.

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