Multi-View Issue (Top & Perspective)

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i5  GeForce 555M 6GB

When in multi-view mode, the top and perspective views aren't updating properly when I move a model. While it updates immediately in all the other views (L,R,Back, Bottom) I have to advance/go back one frame before the model position updates to where I moved it. If I select just one view i.e. top or perspective, the models update in real time just like they should.

If you need more info let me know.


  • I've noticed this too.  I'm using a 670m

  • Whew- Glad I'm not the only one then! Thanks, rgbii!

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    To the devs-

    I am also having a problem with things disappearing in the 'Top' view when in multi-view. When I move a model it blinks in and out of view in the 'Top' view. I had three fluffy cloud presets in a comp and two could not be seen in the 'Top' view until I moved them and then they appeared again. Same thing happened with a couple 3D models. I was trying to line one up one in back of the other but the the first one disappeared. I had to judge its position by looking at the 'Active Camera' view (I was in multi-view then too). And again, the position didn't update in the 'Top' view until I moved a frame forward or backwards. I can upload the project file to dropbox if you need me to.

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