Boris FX Acquires Imagineer


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    "Yup--Boris bought Mocha."

    Oh- heh-heh, I thought you were talking a Russian guy in some coffee shop.

    This is interesting. I wonder if there will be any impact on FXhome that would bring it more to the fore. Glad to see HF got a nod in the article.

    Sounds like there won't be any significant change in the two seperate entities involved.

  • If you click to the respective corporate FAQs, both companies say, basically, "nothing changes, but expect Mocha  Boris any time now." (@StormyKnight Mocha Boris is not coffee, chocolate , steamedmilk and vodka.) I think it's a solid move, and it won't hurt FX Home. I also expect to see "Boris Hitfilm" (Boris Hitfilm is not @TylerDarden 's next amazing action film--seriously, that guy is good!) 

  • A couple of pertinent quotes from Imagineer's blog post on this:

    "Together Imagineer and Boris FX staff will continue to support all existing customers including those using bundled or licensed products such as mocha AE CC or mocha HitFilm."

    "We see no foreseeable change in our license relationships with companies like Adobe, Quantel, Silhouette, FXhome, and CoreMelt. Imagineer recently delivered new and improved updates within Adobe After Effects Creative Cloud 2014 release and the new HitFilm 3 Pro. Both Boris FX and Imagineer share the common goal of working closely with our partners to better support all editing, effects and post-production software in the industry. If anything, our partners should continue to see even more future benefits and improvements in the licensed and bundled mocha products."

    Hopefully this will lead to lots of exciting new opportunities for all concerned!

  • Agreed! *LIKE*

    Steamed milk and vodka. lololol

  • Sounds like execu speak for 2-3 years of support tops.

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    I agree with MichaelJames, sounds like we've got 2-3 years of Mocha support, max. Please forgive me for being so cynical, but I'm still feeling the burn from when Adobe said that "we'll have CS6 out there as an alternative for CC for the foreseeable  future." Yeah, and they do...what they DIDN'T say is that the alternate plan was to convert the licensing for CS6 after a year's time to the CC model if factions of the user base didn't accept the new subscription model.

     "Make 'em buy in whether they want to or not."

    Ah well, the silver lining in all this is that--without Adobe putting a gun to our heads--a bunch of us would never have found our way to HitFilm.

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    Hi folks,

    From our perspective, we are quite excited by this new direction. FYI, Imagineer has a great relationship with the team at FXhome. Our goal is to continue this, so we do not foresee any issues with the bundling of mocha Hitfilm. If anything, we have some cool plans to improve our support and features on that end. 

    If you have other concerns, we tried to answer questions here:

    Happy holidays, 

    Ross Shain

    Imagineer Systems

  • I should also note that as a Boris and Imagineer user I have gotten emails from both companies talking about the merger. It's not that often that a company sends out too many general emails about this sort of thing, so I appreciate that communication.

  • Wonder when FXHome will be 'aquired' ??

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    Again I completely get that Imagineer/Boris are going to assure people that nothing is going to change.  Imagineer makes products for other companies to use.  Boris could see this as a great supplemental income or just see this as a way to push people to Boris.  There will always be someone whispering in some meeting about hey let push people towards not using Adobe.

    If Sony would spin off Vegas  and it got improved dramatically... I would love FXhome to find a home there if they were going to get aquired.

    I am content with FXhome staying independent though just take the Hitfilm editor into a Vegas clone area and up the number of formats you can bring in and export out.  I can modify the layout of Hitfilm 3 to be a Sony Vegas clone but the biggest annoyance is that video and audio tracks are seperate and that I cannot see the audio laid out in the track.


  • @MichaelJames , I think you secretly love Vegas! I know in the past you've had tech issues with Vegas, and have tried Premiere and Resolve, but every time you wishlist improvements for Hitfilm, you use Vegas as your example of good workflow! ;-)

    Btw, in Hitfilm, you CAN pull audio tracks anywhere you want--audio and video tracks appear seperately by default, but you can always move the track in the stack.

    I don't think Boris is going to "push" people into "not use[ing] Adobe." While Boris has it's own stand-alone software in Boris FX and RED, Boris also makes a lot of money off Adobe users by selling BCC for Adobe--and since BCC is about three times the price of Hitfilm 3 and is a single host, single computer install, I have to assume Boris is making a fair amount of money off Adobe users. I don't predict Boris/Imagineer to give up any kind of support for any host for as long as plug-ins for that host make money!

    I also think Sony won't spin off Vegas anytime soon, which is a shame, because Sony is so damn compartmentalized that each division is basically a seperate entity that doesn't communicate across other departments! Sony's broadcast/hardware video arm is run completely seperately from the Vegas/Acid/Sound Forge arm, and, other than making sure Vegas supports XDCAM the twain don't talk.

    Too bad, because Vegas being spun off to a smaller, more passionate company might be a good thing for Vegas. Maybe FXHome could "acquire" Vegas?

    As long as I'm dreaming, I also want Kate Winslet, a pony and some Nutella. Don't ask.

  • I do love how easy it is to edit in Sony Vegas.    It is why I keep using it.  Resolve is a powerful color grader and if i could just easily get editing... color grading and vfx done in 1 package to the same level  or if i can get import export  XML or hitfilm plugins in Resolve:)

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