3D Model Shatter unpredictable behavior

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I may just have a setting wrong but I've tried just about every setting there is to try and retry etc. but I can't seem to get a decent shatter effect on a couple 3D models. Once the shatter takes place there are always a few pieces from the shatter that jump around. Sometimes they look like they're circling in a jerky fashion and other times they jump back and forth from one part of the screen to another and back again. Sometimes they move erratically with reckless abandon. lol I did get one smooth successful shatter with a different shatter map but it wasn't exaclty what I was looking for. This happens whether the model is set to a 2D plane or 3D.

Is it the shatter map I'm using? Is there a setting I'm not using correctly? Is it a glitch? BTW- I set the gravity to 0 because the original scene with a different model is supposed to take place in space.

I've included the model (I didn't use any textures), the shatter map and the HF3P project file. If anyone has a moment to check this and let me know what's going awry whether it's me or HF3 I'd greatly appreciate it!



  • Thanks for reporting this - we'll investigate further. Did you get similar issues in HF2 with Shatter?

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    SimonKJones - Thank you! I did encounter a similar problem in HF2U. It was the same situation where I tried several different shatter maps and found one that worked well. I thought it might have just been the shatter map I was using at the time so I didn't really connect it with a possible problem in the software. When I encountered the same thing in HF3P, I figured it might be a glitch after all which lead me to a different conclusion in the posting above. Still thought it might be the way I was using the effect but I was not 100% positive.

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