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Every so often, even when Hitifilm 3 is not running, a popup appears asking me to upgrade. I already have the latest version of Hitfilm 3 and Hitfilm Plugins

I'm using OSX 10.9.5. 3.06 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo. 16 GB 1067 DDR3 Ram on an IMac 21.5-inch, Late 2009. I am also running Adobe Creative Cloud, specifically using the Hitfilm plugins on Premiere Pro CC 2014

The only way that I can reproduce this is by having Premiere Pro or Hitfilm 3 active. 


  • Hi @PhilWesson. Could you run the following tests/checks for me please?

    1. Open spotlight, search for HitFilm Plugins and open the app. Now once its open right under the HITFILM 3 PRO text on the initial screen should be a version number. Something like 1.0.12. What version numberdo you see there? You will need to hit cancel when it asks you to update.

    2. Open spotlight, search for HitFilm 3 Pro and open the app. Now once its open let me know what version it reports in the software itself. It should be displayed in the left sidebar under your recent files on the home screen.

    3. When you open HitFilm 3 Pro, the update helper that shows up where you previously completed activation. Hit Cancel then you should see a largely white panel with a version number under HITFILM 3 PRO. What version number is written there.

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    Hey Rikkiloades, 

    1. Hitfilm plugins Version # 1.0.11

    2. HItfilm 3 Version 3.0.0576

    3. I checked for updates for Hitfilm 3 and they were unavailable.

    Did I totally make a rookie mistake, and hitfilm 3 plugins is out of date?

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    Thank you for running those checks @PhilWesson. It appears you have the most recent version of HitFilm 3 Pro but the previous version of the HitFilm Plugins. I suspect you only ran one of the two installers when updating.

    When you download HitFilm 3 Pro you get a zip with 2 installers. One is for HitFilm 3 Pro the standalone app and one is for the plugins. To be fully up-to-date you need to run both installers. The latest version of the plugins which are bundled with HitFilm 3 Pro is 1.0.12 (1 minor version newer than what you have).

    I recommend downloading the latest set of installers from the following URL and running the plugins installer:


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