Is it possible to replicate this (or something like this) In Hitfilm?

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I was just wondering if it was possible to replicate an Earth zoom effect within hitfilm . Similar to this.
I know Video Co pilot have a tutorial for it (and that a lot of the co pilot can be integrated into hit film)


  • I had a go , but I encountered a problem. It would not scale properly when it came to zooming out.
  • Malformed url, I had this problem too earlier. Press "Share" and use that link. :P
  • I'm sure I can do something similar, I'll spend a little time on it and see what results I get. If I suceed I'll share my secrets. 8D
  • Go ahead, its the zoom out that Im struggling with.
  • Okay It's pretty rough, definately not as good as your example! But it was shoddily sown together with a few images from Google Earth in a few minutes. Use the " Zoom Blur " effect in the " Blur and Sharpen " folder. It looks pretty good on this. Also messed around with the "Fluffy Cloud" effect in the " 3D " folder.
  • See now Im doing that , but with 8 layers. It wont zoom out to the last layer, it will only zoom out to say the 6th or 7th layer before im at a scale of 0.006 . Then it just goes blank.
  • I also make something like that:
    I use the zoom blur effect and the shake effect
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    As was mentioned earlier, please use the "Share" link to embed Youtube videos, DaniBoy, so the links work. You also don't need any tags associated with it, just post the "Share" link YouTube gives you, and you are good to go. I've gone ahead and fixed the links you already tried.
    Keep in mid that HitFilm uses cameras in true 3D space, so you aren't just limited to changing the scale of the layers, you can actually truck backward with the camera to move it farther from the subject.
  • Building on what Axel said, you could create multiple layers, with multiple cloud layers, in real 3d space, then truck backwards, from bottom layer to top layer while adding a motion blur. I think it'd work out rather well actually....

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