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I imported a 3d object and then need to add the textures. When I wanted to pick my texture the "importer?" defaulted to my computer drive hiarchy instead of the last folder used.  Same thing when importing vid clips and audio. Makes for a ton of clicking to get back to what should have been the default.

I create a project folder and place the media I will use in that folder before I start. So having the importer default to last folder used would be great. OR maybe in HF4 have panel for a user defined library.



  • Does the same for me too. Once a texture is selected for one part of a model, I click on the next texture located in the same folder and I have to go back and find the texture folder again. Several clicks later I'm back to the same folder. Repeat for any other textures needed for the same model & folder.

    I was hoping it was just a setting I missed but if you're doing the same type of thing................

  • Yep, it's kind of annoying, but HitFilm 2 just for the record was no different, we already discussed this in the beta. For normal media it should work properly though, defaulting to the last visited location.

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    Robin ? I just entered a 3D model into HF2U and for each part of the model I selected to apply a texture, the program opened to the same texture folder every time. I'd like to see that in HF3P too.

  • @StormyKnight oh - okay... Guess I was misinformed then, I have to try this in HF2 tonight.

  • It moght be an intermittent glitch. I started a tutorial on usage of 3D models in HFU2, and my screen captures in HFU2. clearly show that on my system each time I loaded a new texture, it defaulted to the Documents folder in my C drive, when all my media libraries are on D. 

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    Curiouser and curiouser. I never had a problem with getting to the same folder. Weird. Wait......I just checked again and the little red "X" next to the folder icon reads "Clear file path" when you put the cursor over it. I wonder if that's like a reset default. I'll check in HF3P................well, it's not clearing the path in HF3P. I tried it with the same model but it keeps going back to the 'desktop' folder instead of the texture folder. Can you guys check sometime where your paths lead? Duffman said his leads to the computer drive hiarchy. Enquiring minds want to know! lol

    EDIT: Once I entered a texutre in the 'Diffuse Texture Filename' box (HF3P) and clicked on the folder icon- it DID open to the texture folder....but then I clicked on the 'X' and it went back to the 'desktop' folder and cleared the selected texture from the box. I'm afraid in this case 'X' doesn't mark the spot. I didn't find anything in the options section that could change a setting for this issue.

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