HitFilm 3 Pro update #1



  • @Branner Yes, all that is perfectly possible. I personally work on a dual-monitor setup and always have the main HitFilm interface with all panels on the smaller monitor, except for the viewr panel, which I have undocked and maximized on the main, 1080p monitor. Working flawlessly, wouldn't know why that shouldn't work on a setup with 3 monitors!

  • An update for next time would be good if when typing values you are able to click off instead of having to press enter everytime. Pretty sure HF2U was like that.

  • Glad to hear that, sounds like a pretty significant update!  Hope it did fix something eventually.

  • edited December 2014

    Just for you to have another feedback I retested the Sphere rendering on new HF3P release and latest AMD Catalyst Omega 14.12 drivers

    Rendering time HF3P original: 3:09

    Rendering time HF3P Update #1: 5:35

    Also GPU utilization was down to 63% from 83% orignal.

    Something is worse either on driver or HF.

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