HitFilm 3 Pro update #1

Today’s update brings performance improvements plus a huge range of fixes and enhancements. It’s also a response to the incredible feedback received from all of you, so a big thank you to everybody who has reported issues, performed benchmarking tests and discussed techniques. Read more: http://hitfilm.com/blog/hitfilm-3-pro-update-1/

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    Sounds like a pretty significant update! Hopefully I'll be able to edit our next major project entirely in HitFilm... that one will have fewer VFX shots in it than the current one, but the VFX will be quite a bit more involved... not just chroma keying and animation :)

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    I'm as giddy as a school girl boy. HA! I have the next few days off and hope to work on a bunch of projects. The update was timed perfectly although not intensionally planned that way.

    THANK YOU, FXHOME!!!!! And thank you, Simon for the great info in the blog today.

  • Oh snap!!!

    Downloading now... pretty stoked! ;)

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    Well, I've been quiet for a while to give me some time to play with HF3P before I said anything, still doesn't suit me even as a compositor.  I still can't use my SkyFonts-synced Google Fonts for my motion graphics\titles.  For an editor, I still need audio channel selection (Right or Left to Mono or Combine to Mono, yes, like Vegas) because of how my camera handles audio.  And still would like to see VST support for audio cleanup and processing.  Unfortunately I'm about halfway through my demo period and I'll never get to see if these are ever fixed or added.  I'm not going to buy software in hopes that it does what I want some day.  I hope there's a full feature list for me to check on in a couple years.

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    We're going to keep working on the software, laskop, you can be sure of that. There's also no time limit on the demo, so you can play with that for as long as you want. 

  • @SimonKJones Oh.  I thought it was 30 days?

  • @laskop64 - demo is limited to what it can render (I think just youtube), not time, so you should be able to test new features anytime you want.

  • @SimonKJones @rgbii Alrighty, my mistake.

  • Apparently I didn't keep very good notes on a previous test, but a project from the forum that took 20+ minutes with HF2U and about 38 with the initial release of HF3P,  not only takes a little over 5 minutes with this release. I think this is mostly the speed of dealing with atomic pariticles.

    Nice job guys!  Thanks :)

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    I'm looking forward to doing more tests, but I'm a bit concerned how ATI cards might be impacted with the new version.

    I took the AtomicTitles project, and increased the 'Exploding Text' part of it to utilize 20M+ particles.  Previously it took 01h06m to render.  With todays upgrade, after running for 04h09m it's estimating another 01h22m.

    It could be an abberation, but I'm wondering if anyone else with an ATI card (and newest drivers) has seen a negative impact?

  • I'm seeing significant speed increases using Atomic with my Radeon 6970M. In the few comparison tests I've done, renders are 30-40% faster than with the release build.

  • @AxelWilkinson ;  That sounds great.  As I said, it could be some abberation.  I need to test some other, quicker benchmarks, and rerun this after another reboot, etc.

    If my 7970 can also see 30-40% speed improvement, I'll be happy too.

  • Can we get 50-60% more cow bell.  I gotta have that cow bell.



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    That's great Simon! Thanks to all you Hitfilm guys for providing such a speedy update. haven't downloaded it yet, but will shortly.

  • Computer Specs: i7, 18gb memory, GTX 970 grsphics card.

    I can see the improvements in performance in some areas, now back to the feature list, tutorials, etc. :) Thanks guys.

  • Im impressed by the increased speed on the atomic particles, as Axel said, it is said at least 30-40% faster, i would say 2 times faster on my computer.

    What about the tab function ? I miss this function from HF2 cos it was much faster to change the value and valid by just using the tab key !

  • Just a clarification request. Previously you said: "All pre-orders of HitFilm 3 Pro come with the new mocha HitFilm and 130 HitFilm plugins."
    So, now Pre-order is over: what do we get with the 'Full Pay' version? No more mocha Hitfilm (what version is it BTW?) or 130 HitFilm plugins? Reduced versions of either? Need to buy them? How much are they? How can we tell? What's included in the demo?

    Also, any chance you'll be releasing Express free again to encourage people into the Hitfilm universe? Really not practical to upload test renders to YouTube to see how it looks, as YT mangles everything too much and life's too short to wait for it to process things just to get around the lack of a full screen preview mode (unless I missed it).

    (BTW, website is getting a bit messy with 404s from old pages to links that no longer exist (Express and Ultimate 2 downloads etc.). Had to find that quote coming in via Google search, as can't find a link to that from within the site any more.)

  • You still get mocha and plugins as far as I'm aware. The pre order difference was the price only. You still get everything for your money now.

  • OK, but if that's true, why make a point of mentioning they were specifically included with pre orders?  Anyway, is there a full screen preview mode in Pro 3 now? I mean either exactly as it will look on final render, or a half or quarter or other less GPU intensive version, as with Sony Vegas?

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    I would say they didn't make a point of that. They made a point of the features of hitfilm 3 and since there was only pre order available at the time it would therefore be associated with the pre order by default. If you look at the promotional pages for hf3 it still talks about tracked masks which can only be done with the new mocha. The plugins are no longer available on their own. You buy hf3 and get the plugins as part of the deal, or the other way around if you prefer I guess. I personally didn't think any of the pre order stuff read like features would be removed after the pre order period. I guess its a matter of interpretation. Either way it doesn't really matter. The answer is you get both included so it's all good 

     No idea about the full screen mode. I haven't had time to try hf3 much yet

  • Full specs of the overall product can be found here: http://hitfilm.com/pro/specs

    Hope that helps! 

    Meanwhile, the tab function wasn't part of this update but is on the list. 

  • @Branner - I believe you're talking about this blog post: http://hitfilm.com/blog/announcing-hitfilm-3-pro/

    We have a section at the bottom where we list everything a customer will get via each upgrade path during the pre-order. We do have a sentence which also said "All pre-orders of HitFilm 3 Pro come with the new mocha HitFilm and 130 HitFilm plugins."
    This was meant to address any worries that our users would have that they wouldn't receive plugins or mocha HitFilm as part of their pre-order. Sorry this didn't seem clear. 
    As @DreamArchitect said, you get both so it's all good :)

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    @Branner you can float the viewer panel by right clicking on it and maximize it. If you then scale the viewer to 100% you get quite close to a preview like you want it, because what you see in the viewer is exactly what you will get in the output (minus compression, if you render to a compressed format). It is just not fullscreen so you might not see everything at once if you're editing a video that's as large or larger than your screen, but setting the preview scale to 50% basically gives you quarter quality preview.

  • Slight addition to what Robin said--the preview window will show what you get for output (minus compression) if you set the preview window to "Anti-aliased." The default is full resolution without aniti-aliasing. Of course, you can downshift to half or quarter resolution to gain preview speed vs preview detail. 

  • @Branner - btw thank you for this note:
    "(BTW, website is getting a bit messy with 404s from old pages to links that no longer exist (Express and Ultimate 2 downloads etc.). Had to find that quote coming in via Google search, as can't find a link to that from within the site any more.)"

    We're trying to address these kinds of issues now the new website is up. If you need to find old blog posts in the future, you can go to the bottom of any blog post and click on "Want more? View all blog posts" to get to the menu.

  • Thanks for the confirmation about what's included - maybe an "Of course..." to the front of the sentence about pre-orders would have made it more clear. :) Preview mode is still something I'd like to petition for more options available for, TBH. "Quite close" might be fine for some, but why isn't it just a full screen option at whatever resolution you want your (external?) monitor/TV to display it at? 1080p? 4k? 2.7k?

    Maybe I'm missing something and people can edit video without knowing exactly what it will look like on final output,  but I'm used to Vegas where you can preview full screen in Draft, Preview, Good and Best modes @Auto, Full, Half, Quarter res. Preview Quality (not mode) is fine for initial placement, but with the ability to Pre-render sections as you go in Best (like the proxy rendering) it's a no-brainer to work through the project and know that what you've seen (full screen) previewed is exactly what you expect  the finshed version to look like. The final render basically streams your pre-rendered sections directly to the output file, so is pretty quick. Seems slightly unusual to show you only an approximation of what you'll only see properly when you do the final render and have to float/defloat/scale etc. to see it. Could be just how I work, but I prefer to judge things like sharpness adjustment/noise reduction/adding etc. by looking at a version of the image that's as close to the final output as possible, or I'm just guessing/hoping/redoing.

    Not trying to be awkward here, just can't understand how people can not be bothered that it's not the same. :-/

  • Any news for the tab function like in HF 2 ?

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    Hey @frenchyfilm I'm pretty sure I saw @SimonKJones say that the tab fix wasn't in this update

  • @Triem23 Oh yes, forgot that!

    @Branner Just to clarify, what you see in the viewer panel is EXACTLY what you will get at rendering time, assuming you set the quality to Anti-Aliased and the zoom is at 100%. It might just be that you can't see all areas of the video at once if your monitor is not big enough. So for judging sharpness this should be perfectly fine.

  • @Robin. OK great. :) 1080p preview would be fine for most of what I'd want for immediate future - initially just cropping/stabilising into 2.7k or 4k. If I can show 2.7k or 4k on a 4k monitor later then also great. Can I drag that full screen output preview onto a second monitor and rearrange all the other windows on the main one? Or even drag the input preview window onto a third monitor? So across three monitors: 1)input, 2)edit/control (with 'edit' view?) and 3)output?

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