Unboxing of HitFilm & Blue screen

This video was shot in full 1080.But It's just took to long to upload.
I got HitFilm Ultimate and the green screen that came with it from TubeTape.
I'm a little dispointed that the HitFilm cool box didn't came but at least I got the CD.
At the end of this video there is some effect test. Sorry this is no sound with the effect footage.
And yes I know the camera is out of focus in the beinging.
I am writing at least 10 to 14 episode of VideoBasics right. This reason why I writhing most of them now. Is so I know what I want to shoot doing the next two month before winter come and I can shoot outside untell spring. The green screen episode of VideoBasics will be coming un March for Saint Patrick day.
I hate doing these simple blog video. There just no fun to edit.


  • We got the New HitFilm boxes in late. We are sending you a proper box FedEx Express. There was a problem with the printer on the first run of boxes :)
    Scott Homes
  • Your ghost buster kit is cute :)
  • How well does the blue s reenact key out?

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