Weird Depth of Field Problem

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Hello there,

I was playing around with the particle Simulator in HF3 Pro. I wanted them to fly from behind the camera into the picture while they should be out of foucs for the first few seconds.

These two frames are right next to each other.

Frame 1

Frame 2 

As you can see the the blur in the second frame is completly gone, while the blur in the first one is a bit strange too. In the third  frame it comes back similar to the first one.

You can find the project file here: Buggy Project

PC Specs:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q 9400

GPU: Nvidia GTX 470 with the lastest driver

RAM: 8 Gb

I hope this is enough information and its not caused by setting something up the wrong way.


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    If you haven't already, I would open a ticket on that.

    I'm seeing the same strange behavior, including the blocky blur on my system.


  • The camera's depth of field uses a fast box blur, so when set to be quite strong is likely to look blocky. The frame differences don't look right, though, so we'll check it out.

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