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To all the fine folks doing tutorials,
Is there any likelihood of tutorials stored centrally such that it might be possible to download them?
Its all very well having them on youtube but believe it or not, over here in deepest darkest africa we pay through the nose for data and thats when the connection is reliable. I spent the last 4 days unable to review the lightsaber tutorial as my 3G just refused to work so it would be great to be able to reference these offline. Anyway I'm sure this isnt an issue for most.


  • I'm sure its possible to D/L videos off You tube, in low quality.
  • I use Freemake Video converter. It works with Chrome to let you download youtube videos. I have pretty much all of the Hitfilm and RodyPolis tutorials saved locally now.
  • just get youtube downloader. its easy to use.
    And not illegal ^^
  • Hi...
    Try to look at the available plugins for your browser and search for YouTube. FF, for example, has a plugin called "download helper" which is able to do that.
    BTW: There a some other apps available for purchase, but take a look at the freeware onces...

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