Distortions aka Interlacing (answer)

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I downloaded the demo for HitFilm 3 Pro, but whenever anything in my footage moved, everything got distorted. Here is a link to a photo of my problem. Does anyone know why this is happening? Is this just part of the demo (if so, there's no way I'm buying the software, because I can barely even use the software as it is)?


  •  Your footage was shot either on an SD camera or an older HD camera that shoots interlaced footage. HITFILM wants to deal with progressive footage only. If you already have other NLE software you can deinterlace with that, otherwise there are plenty of free tools like MPEG Streamclip, VLC or Virtualdub than can batch-deinterlace. 

  • Triem is correct, HitFilm isn't designed to work with interlaced footage. Having said that, we could add a deinterlacing filter to our effects if people wanted it?

  • @JoshuaDavies I think you should. An interlacing-issue question comes up almost every week. Deinterlace isn't a sexy function, but, if you need it in Hitfilm, it's fairly essential. 

  • Added it in to our tracker. :)

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    Okay, thanks. @JoshuaDavies do you work for HitFilm?

  • Joshua Davies is BOSS of Hitfilm. ;-) Numero Uno! The top dog! The big cheese! Yes, I AM quoting "Airplane!" 

  • @Triem23, Ha Ha Ha. Well, it looks like deinterlace is on the way :)

  • Hey Triem, I have been seeing the BOSS of Hitfilm. ;-) Numero Uno! The top dog! The big cheese! a lot in the forums lately. Is that a good sign? :)

    Just teasing, Always good to see such a dedicated company ;)

  • Quoting Airplane! is always good in my book...

    I'm happy to be spending more time on the forums, meeting you all, and focusing in on what we can do to improve the software for you all.

    Also, I've been using HitFilm 3 Pro extensively lately (making some of the content you see on the new product pages) and I'm hoping to pick up some more tips and tricks from you all to make more interesting VFX in the future. 

  • From now on I will be referring to Josh as BOSS of Hitfilm. ;-) Numero Uno! The top dog! The big cheese!, even when in face-to-face meetings. Every single time I need to say his name.

  • Will you be doing Robert Stack or William Shatner? (Shatner@1:48)



  • + 1 For Deinterlacing...  I just found that in lots of my older footage as well

  • And it's a bit of a problem at the school as well. We can't always update our equipment as we'd like, and some of the work-arounds are time consuming and dissicult with the numbers in my classes.

  • VLC, MPEG Streamclip, Handbrake and VisualDud are all free and all should be able to batch-deinterlace. That said, doing it directly in Hitfilm is easier. I do it in Vegas, but I already HAD Vegas before Hitfilm. :-)

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