"No textures were loaded..." issue (fixed)

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So, downloaded and installed on OS X, but when I open the app it says 'No textures were loaded because they were not found at the expected location, run Setup to repair the installation', but then when I try to begin  a new project, it just locks up and has to be force quit. Any ideas?


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    Weezer  - Can you try creating a new user account on your Mac & running the software again on the fresh account? Does it now load correctly?

    DrLiorVBarEl - I have split your post to a new thread as your issue isn't the same as the OP. You can find it here.

    HitFilmer64744  - Again I'm not sure if your issue is the same as Weezers so I have split your post to it's own thread also. This can be found here.

  • Yes, if I make a new user account it installs fine. But I don't want to keep logging in and out - how can I install in it in my main user account? And why doesn't it install properly anwyay?

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    There are some rare cases where the folders that are created when HitFilm launches for the first time cannot be created. This can sometimes be a permissions issue. But if the software works on a newly created Mac account but not on your main account, you will need to manually copy some folders from the new account to the old one.

    Instructions on how to do this are below, sorry it's quite a long process.

    On the new account that works, do the following

    Step 1

    Open a Finder Window, press CMD+Shift+H to go Home,

    Now go to the View Menu and Show View Options

    Near the bottom is a check-box for Show Library Folder, tick this

    Step 2

    Open a Finder Window, press CMD+Shift+G 

    Now type ~/Library/Application Support/FXHOME/HitFilm 3 Pro

    Step 3

    In here you will find several folders:





    Step 4

    Copy these files to a USB Stick or External Drive

    Step 5

    Once they've copied switch to the main account & do the following

    (You may need to make the Library visible again, see step 1)

    Step 6

    Open a Finder Window, press CMD+Shift+G 

    Now type ~/Library/Application Support/FXHOME/HitFilm 3 Pro

    (If the FXHOME & HitFilm 3 Pro folders do not exist, please create them)

    Copy the folders to this location

    Start the software again

    Thanks, Ady

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    Ah, that sorted it, thanks! Was it becasue I'd inadvertnetly left the old FXHome folder in there from HF2?

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    GREAT! Glad you are all sorted!

    It shouldn't really affect it, we are trying to see if there is anything more we can do to prevent this type of thing happening. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused.


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