32x AA on OSX?

One of the most interesting features of HitFilm for me is it's native 3D support. I was a bit surprised when I installed it on my 2013 Mac Pro (D700) and the AA options only went to 8x, considering on the features page it was listed as 32x "If your hardware supports it". I have a hard time believing that this workstation doesn't support it. Was this just not ready for launch, or is it a Windows only feature? I'm planning on eventually installing it in Boot Camp to test it out, but my entire work environment is in OSX based and that's where I'd prefer to use it.


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    How high the AA options go will depend on your hardware, and the GPU drivers for Windows tend to give you much more control, and more options, than their Mac equivalents. Since Apple controls all GPU drivers as part of the OS, its not so easy to customize the settings or access specific options as to how the hardware is used.

  • Yeah, as I understand it this is in fact a limitation imposed by Apple's custom video drivers, even if the GPU itself is perfectly capable of it. :/

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