Motion Path in HF3

Hi. I've just installed HF3 and opened some of my previous projects made in HF2. I've noticed that motion path works different in HF3. For example, I've got a camera that moves and rotates to follow an object. There are 3 keyframes for position and rotation. First, camera is moving (looking from top view) from left to right and there is almost no rotation, then in the middle keyframe camera turns down and rotates to the left a bit.

In HF2 this rotation keyframes makes no rotation from keyframe 1 to 2. In HF3 there camera rotates in oposite direction, to get smoth path to keyframe 3 I guess.

There is a huge lack in HitFilm to control motion path to get it behave as I want. I can't for example make some sharp moves or simple... a circle movement for camera to orbit an object. There should be an editor for motion path with bezier or spline curves.


  • I too was hoping HF3 would introduce curves for motion and keyframes in general. It's one of the few instances where there really isn't much of a workaround; one just has to deal with it or use another program.

  • Did you keframe using the orientation or rotation properties? Orientation in HF3 has been adjusted to work in a more standard way, but it might cause older projects to behave differently (which is why we never turn off your old software, so you can always go back to that with legacy projects if needed).

    Any animation you do from now on will have more standard orientation behaviour.

  • Also, for animating a camera orbiting, its easiest to just place a point at the object you want the camera focused on, then parent the camera to the point.  Animate the point to rotate 360degrees on the Y axis, and you have a nice smooth camera orbit.

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    Ups, sorry. I did use orientation. Is there any chance to HF gets more control over path and other keyframe curves?

    Axel, thanks for tip.

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