HitFilm can't open image sequence in folder ending with an underscore.

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As the title says it was a weird 10 minute before i thought to delete the      underscore " _ " at the end of the folder name and Hitfilm could import the image sequence.  Not sure if this is the right place to put this post but maybe it could help someone who have this basic problem. I tried it on another folder but that had not the problem. So not sure what is going on.Not a big problem althought.


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    I had a more stubborn image sequence that Hitfilm refused to load.I changed folder names, file names, numbering system, bit depths of images etc. In the end i used that image sequence by changing it to an uncompressed Avi file. This worked. I had not such a problem since years with image sequences.I don't know what the problem is but this should be much easier to use.The way to use an image sequence is odd too. We should be abble to point to a file in the sequence and  use it that way like many other programs do. Other then this i am very pleased with Hitfilm.Even if this was the first time i use it i could make what i wanted very easily. Curious of the next version that i have already ordered :)

  • @Kadri if you think that it is a bug and can reproduce it, could you go through the support system (http://hitfilm.com/questions/submit) so that we can reproduce it here?

    We would be happy to fix it but unless we can understand what is happening it is usually really hard.

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    CedricBonnier I could reproduce it and have as you said send the file  through the support system.I hope it helps and i am curious what the problem is.

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    Guys i was curious and tried another thing. I am not sure but the original PNG image sequence was from Lightwave. I used Xnview to convert to other file formats (after Hitfilm could not import the PNG's) This time i tried it with another program and changed the PNG' from Serif PhotoPlusX5 (i try to stay away from Photoshop and use different photo editors :) ) ones again to PNG's and guess what.Hitfilm could open them this time. Not sure but looks like a image format handling problem whatever the problem is.

  •  It looks like a bug.They are working on it.

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    I tried other programs too. The implemention of such formats are unfortunately not all the same in every software as you said. That doesn't mean that one is good the other is better all the time. But in my example Photoplus worked. So it depends. But as i wrote above it looks like there is a bug in Hitfilm and they said they are working on it. The communication so far i got from their support is nice.

  • Should i lough or not i am not sure :)

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    Had another kinda similar problem. I could not load a new image sequence into Hitfilm. This time i changed the file format drastically and with standart 24 bit JPG. Changed Folder names etc. It didn't work. I had Sony Vegas and and Virtualdub open (probably with that image sequence). After i closed them and closing and opening Hitfilm it could open the image sequence. The problematic part is so much i tried to repead the problem in the same way i could not do it. Strange! Looks like there are more then one problem related to this.

    Still on Hitfilm 2 by the way. I think i will wait a little before i install Hitfilm 3.

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