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Quick question.  Under the options menu there is a place to clear the cache.  Should I be clearing this on a regular basis and if I do are there any adverse side effects to doing this while im working on a project? Im showing 23731 mb used curenntly.

Also how much memory should I dedicate to the preview renders window. Im showing 3000 mb currently.. 

Thanks for the help


  • There won't be any adverse affects, other than a potential bit of slowdown in accessing some media files (this will only be temporary, as the cache is rebuilt on a case-by-case basis).

    The preview allocation depends on how much system memory you have. The more you allocate, the more frames you'll be able to preview render.

  • I continue to have issues with Hitfilm freezing and crashing. Recently a dumo file was created and sent to Hitfilm which I assume identifies the problem. Is there a way to access that on your end to find out the problem? Aa far as the cache is concerned you said that there won't be any side effects but are they any advantages to doing so?

  • @LIFE_LEADERSHIP HitFilm certainly shouldn't be freezing or crashing. Can you please send a support ticket so that our technical team can help you find out what's going wrong:

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    I already did and awaiting a response.  Thanks

  • Kirstie, 

    In regards to my question above, would clearing the cache provide any benefit?

  • Anyone care to chime in?

  • The only benefit to clearing the media cache will be to free up disk space.

  • Not entirely. There's a very very small chance there's a corrupt file in the cache, although unlikely. 

  • Hitfilm has a setting for how long to keep cache files. Default is 30 days. 

  • Probably smart. 

  • @LIFE_LEADERSHIP I'm sorry I didn't see this as I wasn't tagged. 
    Clearing the cache has two main benefits: 
    You get space back and therefore you may see speed benefits
    Deleting the cache forces it to be regenerated, which will help to identify anything wrong i.e. bugs etc. 
    Hope that helps!

  • That was exactly what i was looking for.. Hey, i vote for the Hitfim team to put up a clock/countdown timer for the release of HFP3!

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