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I have a quick question regarding online video streaming..

I'm just about complete with a movie I created using HitFilm. Its an Anniversary movie that plays out like a movie in the theatres. Lots of cool special effects thanks to HitFilm .

My question is... the movie is approximately 2 hours long and I've rendered it in hitfilm already to see how large the file is and its about 7gb in mp4 format.. I'm planning on putting it on DVD but id like to stream it via some online source like video press vimeo or even youtube,  but clearly the file is too large as is.  How do I compress it without losing too much quality so I can stream it ?

Thanks for the advice and looking forward to HitFilm 3 pro!!



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    check out handbrake -

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  • DVD's are going to use MPEG-2 compression, and generally the DVD authoring software you use will handle the actual compression, so you want to feed it a big, high quality file so it has as much info to work with as possible. For online, you'll probably want to use H.264, either as an .mp4 or .mov file.

    Since you will ideally want to export form HitFilm at very high quality for the DVD, you might want to just do that, then convert the high quality file into a final version for online as well, using MPEG Streamclip, Handbrake, or another free video converter.  But you could do a second export fomr HitFilm instead, if you prefer, its just a matter of adjusting the bitrate settings to reduce the file size to where you are happy with it. Its really just a balancing act, of figuring out how much quality reduction is acceptable to get a smaller file.

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  • Hi!

    I see there is a compression tab on Hitfilm 3 Express, and I wonder:

    Can I put in my own compression types like xvid or something?

  • Try use.....7zip


  • I just exported a 26 second fragment of a scene to MP4 and the file was 32MB. After lowering the bit rate it's still 27MB.

    Why are these MP4's so gigantic? 

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    First, 1920x1080 video--un/decompressed is about 178 megaBYTES, per second--so a 32 MB file for 26 seconds is coming in at about 1.2 MB/sec, or a compression ratio of about 140:1. In other words, 32 MB for 26 seconds  isn't gigantic... it's tiny. 

    Second, Hitfilm's MP4 export defaults to 10 megaBITS per second as a target with a max of 15 megaBITS. This is 10 megaBYTES every 8 seconds. For a 26 second shot this works out to about 32 MB. 

    To get the 27MB file you set your bitrate to about 8mbps, yes? 

    To estimate a final filesize in MB, divide length of shot by 8 and multiply by bitrate in mbps. Be aware that a 10 mbps bitrate is about a third of most camera streams, half of a Blu-Ray stream and well under, say, a Netflix or Hulu stream. 10mpbs is about the right bitrate for YouTube. The farther under 10 you go the more degraded the video is going to be. Go much under 8mbps and it's going to look like crap. 

  • Before I knew anything about compression, I did something that actually worked pretty well... I rendered the movie file in hitfilm then imported it into windows Movie Maker and exported  it in "email" format which reduced the size of video considerably... the end result quality was still pretty good.  Again, I remember using this method as a complete amateur with no knowledge of compression.  

  • @LIFE_LEADERSHIP ; Ahhh.... but you knew enough to experiment!   That's half the battle sometimes.

  • @Triem23 Thank you very much for bringing light into my darkness. I'm working on a feature film in 1080p. What bit rate would you recommend to export to once the whole thing is ready to be rendered?

  • MarioKluser 


    Video Bitrate, Standard Frame Rate (24, 25, 30)

    Video Bitrate, High Frame Rate (48, 50, 60)


    8 Mbps

    12 Mbps


    5 Mbps

    7.5 Mbps


    2.5 Mbps

    4 Mbps


    1 Mbps

    1.5 Mbps

    or you can search at to find more video parameters, good luck

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