Mister Babadook

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The title sequences are so simple in this trailer, but look brilliant: 


WARNING. may cause terror

I'm getting more and more interested in original title sequences - it's so difficult to come up with an original one these days. 


  • Ha ha :)

  • Now I need half a bottle of Scotch!!!

  • It does kind of look like someone has shoved the play button in her mouth. Reminds me of a Sims video I once saw I think....

    Ha ha - looks good right @stormyknight? Thing is, I would never have continued watching it, if it weren't for the unusual title sequences. And now I want to watch it!

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    To be pedantic, reviewer quotes aren't "title sequences," but, yes, the use of the torn pages coming together was very nice, indeed, and serves to heighten the "evil book" motif of the trailer! Actually, that's the first horror film trailer I've seen in several years that made me want to watch the film!

    Since we have the other thread on practical effects going this week, I'm going to toss out here that the page sequences in the Babadook trailer are certainly practical effects--my guess is that they were filmed starting with the page segments together, and then a practical mechanism--threads, wires or just compresssed air--was used to push the pieces apart. Reverse the footage, and BOOM!

  • Good point Triem - I got a bit blaze with the use of the phrase title sequences here :P

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    Finally saw this movie. It wasn't as good as the trailer leads you to believe but I'd give it 3 1/2 stars out of 5. It did keep you guessing as to what was going to happen next but the resolution is slightly lame and makes up for it with creepy post climax scenes.

    It certianly was not worth the $10 DirecTV was charging on pay-per-view. I wonder if it was released there when the movie hit the theater as DirecTV does that more and more. Wait for the price to drop before scoping this film out.

  •  Then there's The Fifth Element variant called, "Mister Badaboom"

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    When I started watching this movie I liked it, but I wasn't loving it. Then it clicked with me that the movie is a fairytale/dark childrens story, but instead of being for kids and from the kids perspective, its for adults and from the Mothers perspective. Sort of like a Maurice Sendack or Roald Dahl story for parents who have difficult kids. What it would be like to be the mother of the kid in Where the Wild Things Are, for instance.  Then I started enjoying the movie a lot more. 

  • @Alec- lol!!!

    @NullUnit- Good point! I watched it again tonight with a friend and I liked it a little more than before.....so upgrade to 4 stars out of 5. I usually watch things twice before drawing conclusions and didn't in this case before my previous review. Shame on me. Often times I grow to like a movie if I see it more than once. This was no exception. I tend to catch more the second time through. For example, I didn't get the tooth thing right away. She keeps holding the side of her jaw which I attributed (the first time) as a grinding problem like her son. Then she pulls the tooth out. Don't know why I didn't make that connection the first time.

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