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 I have recently been working on some effects for this video clip, and figured I'd share the results on the forums here.  And I figured at the same time, I'd start a thread where I can put my future projects as well.

This shot mainly involves particles and a bunch of masking to get the smoke to feel like its filling the space under the trebuchet basket.  The impact explosion is a combination of a few particle effects and a bunch of stock footage.


  • Is the trebuchet real?  The smoke makes it kind feel like CG, you did an awesome job on the smoke trail and explosion.I'm still trying to figure out if the trebuchet is actually there or not, if it's fake, you sure fooled me!

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    Faen - yes, the trebuchet is real, and is throwing a concrete ball that weight around 30 lbs.

     Tooshka - thanks.  I agree about the impact; that is the area that still feels like it needs some work to me.  I really just need to look for other stock footage that fits the scene better.I put this together using what little stock footage O have on hand, and none of it fit well, so I was blending various elements to try improve things.  And while it looks better than it did when I started, its still definitely the weakest link.  There is also a bit of displacement there, trying to make the grass look like its reacting to the explosion, which I think is still too overstated. There needs to be some sort of interaction between the explosion and surrounding grass to stop the explosion looking pasted in, but its definitely not quite right yet.  I'm still giving thought to an alternative method to try.

  • The sound of the rope hitting the trebuchet as to how it looks and sounds together, matches to the tee, which leads me to believe the trebuchet is real.

    I thought the fx were spot on. Three thumbs up here.

    So Axel, who ya planning to invade?

  • Doh! Sorry Axel- I'm at work and had to respond away from my desk. When I came back you had already posted but I didn't see it- I finished up my post and voila- I look like a complete dufus. (which I am but don't tell anyone- okay?)

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    Thanks for the suggestion, Tooshka, I'll try experiment with those ideas when I get a chance.

    StormyKnight - no worries, man.  At least you were correct. :)  Had you guessed wrong, then you would have looked like a doofus.  Having the original audio in place for the treb definitely helps the shot though; I'm glad you noticed it.

  • That looks nice, Axel! The flight of the projectile is near-perfect, and I think one more pass on the impact you'll have that near-perfect, too. It already looks really good.

    Tooshka, some neat ideas on shatter maps!

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