Anyone know how to solve this Blender problem?

Hi. So I downloaded the second 3DS Imperial Star Destroyer "Imperater" model from When I import it into Blender, it comes out so big, that even if I scroll as far out as it will let me, I can't see the whole model! So, anyone know how to solve that?


  • Yeah... go on the Blender forums. 8-|
    Just kidding. After you import the model, it should already be selected. Click the letter S "scale" on your keyboard and drag the mouse courser till you see them model scaled down to a manageable size. :D
  • Thanks I'll try that!
    P.S. I Had to read "just kidding" twice before I realized what you were talking about. Heh, as you can see, I'm having one of those days.
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    Shoot, that didn't work. It used to select the model when I impored it. I wonder why it doesn't anymore
  • Try this before you import your 3D mesh...
    1. Delete your default camera and light. This is so that you don't have anything else to select in your scene except your 3D

    2. Import your 3D mesh.
    3. Click the letter A to select the entire 3D mesh. this is because, sometimes, a 3DS max mesh will import as separate
    objects and you want to be able to scale and position the whole model at the same time... not piece by piece as this would
    be a pain.
    4. Click the letter S to scale the 3D mesh.
    5. Re-add a camera and light.
    You should be good by now. :D
  • Oh, thanks. Never thought to try that. I'll do that right now.

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