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  • Stargazer54 - thanks! 

    I'm hoping to work up the full trailer next as more of the tracks on the album get finalized. Was kinda nice to break away from working on only audio for a while to do this one - the visual ideas for kind of came to me all at once, so I figured it best to strike while the iron was hot and roll with the momentum....and before I forgot the ideas. LOL

  • Fantastic!

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    Agreed with spydurhank and Stargazer. Good stuff! 

  • Only just found this thread, and now I am left with so many questions...

    Did the "Christus and the Cosmonaughts" music video ever get released? Did you ever finish a video for "B'ak'tun 13"? What is up with that Mayan temple? (looks cool btw)

    and, most importantly, how long will we have to wait for 2063 part 2? :)

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    JMcAllister - about the Christus & The Cosmonaughts video: I'm still waiting on the green-light on that (sadly, even after this many years). The new album the video is for was actually finished being recorded some time ago, but due to various things beyond my control slowing down the completion of secondary items like packaging, etc (the release will be coming out in a number of formats including vinyl, some special/limited edition versions with custom hand-made artwork and packaging by the other guy in the band, etc), it's still not yet seen the light of day. Frustrating.  I'm currently now hearing that it'll finally be out (and the video with it) within the next few months...but I've heard that in the past a number of times too. Ahh, the joys of indie music releases... LOL

    "B'ak'tun 13" - that video's been on hold for a while as I've been working on the 2063 follow-up album. I really should finally get that finished sometime soon.... 

    2063, Part II - been putting all my available time and effort into that (hence why it's well past midnight right now as I'm working on one of the tracks, heh heh). My hope is to have it fully completed and out by the end of 2016 at the very latest...hopefully sooner.  One thing that's slowing me down a bit with that right now are some health/medical issues I've been battling for some months. But I'm gritting my teeth and keeping at it! (in the meantime, Part 1 is available at:


  • when I say I've "only just found this thread" what I really mean is, found the thread, read all the comments, watched all the video clips, and listened to most of the music on your bandcamp page... so you must be doing something right haha :) 

    I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to have finished a project and then have to wait for months, even years, before anyone gets to hear it

    hope your health issues improve

  • Thanks!  It's no party to be sure (bilateral sciatica/spinal nerve compression); hopefully I'm starting to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel with can really drain away creative energy quickly.

    Yah, the CaTC album was actually finished being recorded, mixed and mastered back in....hmmm......I think 2011? Aside from the frustration of waiting, one of my biggest concerns is the fact that I do a lot of things differently now than when we first started on it quite a few years even before that. So there's that cringe factor that can come into play when you listen to what you did after the fact and think ", remember when I used to do it that  way years ago? Ouch." LOL

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    Hey there! Yep, I'm still alive and am back again...been slowly gaining ground on my health matters this year finally and trying to use the creative energies I've been re-gathering to try to get the new album I've been working on forever finally completed, and am finally making some headway. Which brings me to the new second teaser video I just released today for it, below! 

    Still rocking it old-skool with Hitfilm 4 Pro (yeah, yeah...I know LOL), but recently did upgrade to Magix Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 14 which I did the editing for this in...and within which I also happily made use of Ignite for the first time! As with the first teaser, nothing particular bang-zoom-wowie in terms of effects, though I did make use of Hitfilm's projector functions to do certain bits where I once again converted old still photos into motion (particularly the "driveway" sequence), as well as some of the techniques I learned from @Triem23 's excellent tutorial on using Displacement.

    For those interested in the music side of this: I revisited a musical theme I originally did on Chapman Stick (as I did here once again) on my first solo ambient album back in 2007, and rebuilt it into an entire song, a snippet of which is used here. Also made use of some new guitar amp gear I recently got (specifically, Two Notes Torpedo Studio and EVH 5150 III LBX) for the heavier bits, and was recorded using Cakewalk Sonar Platinum.

    Enjoy! Hopefully I'll have more, much sooner next time.... ;)

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    This is a radical departure in style from your earlier videos. Very effective editing, and the right effects at the right time. In short, that video kicks ass! Fits very nicely with the music. Glad to hear you're making some progress at last. 

  • Thanks so much @Triem23 Yah, I did come at this a little differently this time; much of the overall old, diffused look going on with this ties into the overall storyline of the song itself which is based on a repeating dream I used to have when I was a little kid (and weirdly, still remember clearly this many decades later...the old photos of me seen here were from about the same age). This was an instance of my seeming to have the entire overall video mentally storyboarded out once the song itself was completed...the song seemed to drive the ideas for most the visuals in one fell swoop, so it was then down to my actually figuring out how to make those visuals happen.  

    One thing was clear from the beginning: I knew it had to start with that old decrepit 8mm film look from that time period (depicting old memories), and then morph into a more colorful "alive" part when everything kicked in (depicting a kind of "the past has become now" thing since the story is about a time travel experiment gone wrong and bring forced to relive life over again from the beginning), starting with the shot that starts off as an old beat up B&W still and then morphs into something more lifelike during the fake crane move.

    Again, I gotta thank you for that great tutorial on using Displacement which went a long way towards my finally understanding what had seemed like arcane concepts to me before!  I used that on the opening sequence which originally had been an old B&W still photo my parents took of me sleeping as a toddler, and let me bring it to life a bit.

  • Great video... I look forward to the album!

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    Thanks JMcAllister! 

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    Hi folks, long time no see! Yep, I'm still alive.... LOL Been continuing to focus on the music side of things, and in keeping with that I've just dropped a new music/lyric video for the ambient-rock/atmospheric-rock project I recently joined and started recording with, Mirror of Dreams, which features fellow vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Kris Tilbury (for those wondering, I'm still working on the next part of 2063).  This song starts off quiet and ends up heavy, and so does the video. Annnnnd it looks like this...once again, I'll continue with more about how I used Hitfilm for it in the notes below in case you're interested.

    So! I did the majority of this in Hitfilm Pro 4 (yeah, I know...I need to upgrade. Again. LOL), with the final editing done as usual in Magix Movie Studio Platinum 14 (yeah, I know...I need to upgrade. Again. LOL).

    This also marks the first time I've really made any serious use of Hitfilm's own editor, which turned out to be the perfect tool for putting together a lyric video like this: I started off by scrubbing the audio track in the Editor to find the start/end points of each line of lyrics, then used the Slice tool to create a segment with just that line. Then, I converted that into its own Composite, and starting working from there. After I did that for the first line, I moved on to the next line of lyrics, copying/pasting the layers from the previous Composite (except the audio) into the next one, and so on.

    The beginning dissolving/morphing text effects was done with particle simulators, the later ones involved working with fractal noise to create dissolve effects. The rotating background started out as a landscape I did for the first 2063 teaser video in Vue Studio, but this time exported as a 360 image and used Hitfilm's Environment Map to let the 3D camera sit in the middle and slowly rotate, while changing the color of the "sky" slowly over time by keyframing  color tinting. 
    The "building storm" effects started with particle based "storm clouds" subtly brewing  in the upper right corner of the sky before everything starts rotating when the drums start, and the raindrops, rain and lightning bolts later on at "night" are pretty obviously HF.  The lightning flashes were done inverting everything for a second or so into a negative image, again keyframed to fade back down again afterward.

    For those interested in the audio side of things: I've recently moved DAWs from Cakewalk Sonar after Gibson killed them, to PreSonus Studio One Pro and haven't looked back...I love it now. I played 6- and 12-string guitars, bass, and drum programming along with mixing/mastering; Kris sang the lead vocals as well as created that layered 10cc "I'm Not In Love" style floating voice pad effect by layering her voice multiple times along with a synth. If you're interested in the track itself, it's currently available as name-your-own-price on Bandcamp for now at:

    Hope you enjoy! 

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