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    Thanks Kirstie!  :) 
    Yeah, I had started doing the Vue network rendering when I was generating some panoramic backplates to use for this video, using the immersive Environment Map techniques Simon demonstrated in a tutorial a while back....I'm planning to do something similar with some greenscreen footage and Mocha in Hitfilm. Though these were just stills and not actual animations, the sheer size of the pano images took so long to render that I decided to try using Vue's network rendering option, and it worked out great. From there it made sense to do likewise with the animation renders, especially what with them being at 1080/60fps! 
    Here's another quick screenshot showing a rough take of one of the panoramic images I did in Vue and tweaked using the Hitfilm Environment Map, along with that same pyramid model. I can move the camera around the pyramid, and the backplate moves with it for some very nice parallax effects. The next trick is to plunk myself into that scene via the greenscreen footage.  :) 

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    OK, so......while still working on that music video (and still waiting for the green-light to release that other music video...grrrr) - I went and quickly made yet another music video. LOL ;-)

    Quick, simple one this time - whilst on vacation down on Chincoteague Island, Virginia for the Thanksgiving holiday I went to the end of the local fishing pier with camera, tripod and remote intervalometer and was lucky enough to capture a time-lapse video of a rather nice sunset, shooting every 2 seconds for a little over an hour (resulting in about a minute of footage at 29.97fps). After first attempting to import the 3000+ stills into Vegas and experiencing Crash City after a few minutes (gahh), I was able to quickly and easily import the image sequence into HF2U without a single hiccup. :-)

    In case anyone is interested, the music is an excerpt of the title track to my 2010 solo ambient guitar album "Obscura". Enjoy! :)

  • Chincoteague! Very nice.

    But where are the ponies? (I actually own a Chincoteague pony that made the swim from Assateague Island about 8 years ago)

  • RossTrowbridge - thanks! :) No ponies, as this was shot on the mainland/western side of the island from the new fishing pier on Main Street (where the old draw brdige used to be). The channel they do the yearly pony swim across in July is on the eastern side of the island between Chincoteague and Assateague; the ponies all stay on Assateague itself.

  • *grin*

    I know they only 'visit' Chincoteague during the roundup, but I had  to make the joke. Our pony, Dream Cloud, was sired by Surfer Dude. I'm not sure of the mare's name.

  • Nice! :) Do you have a photo to post? I'd love to see!

    Heh, it is funny though how many people I talk to actually had this idea that somehow the ponies are wandering around freely on the streets of CI itself... LOL ;-)

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    I'd love to, but apparently I have no clue on how to share it directly in this forum. Here is a dropbox link.

     Dream Cloud is the horse closest to the camera (full view).

  • Beautiful! :D

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    @Har- Great job on the video! It's gorgeous and the music compliments the scene. What a relaxing time that must have been. I'd love to try something like that but haven't had a chance yet.

    Keep up the great work!

  • .  @Har a timelapse sunset is always nice, but I am going to have to watch this again on something connected to a much better sound system to truly appreciate it. 

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    I'll try again. This forum didn't save my editing change to show the link.

    EDIT: I don't get it. I paste in the link and hit post comment. It looks like I expect it to, with a nice blue link embedded in the post. When I come back later, all I see is a big white box. No link and no picture. I'm not a big fan of the new forum.

  • RossTrowbridge - no worries, I was able to see the image by right-clicking and going to the original source link. :)

    StormyKnightTriem23 - thanks! :) It really was wonderfully relaxing to watch, though my wife and I were bundled up with layers as the wind was kicking up out there on the end of the pier! LOL

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    Guess it's about time I necro-bumped my own thread here.... LOL 

    I'd been mostly out of the visual end of things for the past year or so (not counting the time-lapse video I did at the end of 2014), and even brought the 5 year run of my weekly online radio show to a close to better focus on recording my new solo project.  It's a multi-part "serial album" of sorts, a good ol' fashioned prog-rock-ish sci-fi concept album with the first "episode" scheduled to hopefully be released this summer...

    ...which itself brings me back around to the visual end of the spectrum again! :) I'm currently working on a series of teaser and trailer videos for the project, with the idea of treating the whole thing like a sort of non-existent TV series or multi-part movie: I don't know how many times over the years I've found myself getting really excited by the imagery presented by teasers and trailers, only to be majorly dissapointed by the final release (cough Prometheus cough ;) ) my plan with this is to provide just enough visuals for the music to hopefully get the viewer's imagination flowing and then let the music release itself fill in the blanks. Will it work? I guess I'll find out soon enough! :)

    Meanwhile - I'm doing this still using Hitfilm 2 Ultimate; while I do of course plan to upgrade to HF3, all of my financial resources have been going back into the audio end of things in terms of improving gear, instruments, etc.

    So for now - the plan in the meantime is to simply make do with HF2U and try to make the best of the situation! :) And since the plan is for this to be a multi-part release, that just means that when I do finally upgrade to HF3...I'll have more new music to make the visuals for with it.

    More info soon; and I promise it'll be a lot sooner than my last posts. LOL ;)

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    (oh, I guess I should also explain what's going on with that music video I spent months working on for the new album by my recording band - the album is still pending release, and The Powers That Be are still holding back on my finally releasing it to the general public. Frustrating as hell, but nothing I can do until the final bits and pieces for the album release - mostly the album graphics that the other guy in the band is doing - are completed. But in the meantime - thumb-twiddling time. Gahh.)

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    The new music video teaser is finished at last!  Information is on the main thread at
    In the meantime, here's the video. Enjoy!


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    My new EP is finally out at last, and with it one of those nifty "official lyrics videos" that everyone seems to be doing these days! Here's the video, with the info over on a separate thread post. Enjoy!  
    (Caveat: contains no light sabers, Dr Who or comic book references , or people running through a forest with toy guns - so I'm kind of expecting little to no interest, heh heh... )


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    Edit: Sorry! Thread made!

  • jond76 - did you mean to post this somewhere else? Not sure why you'd post this here on an unrelated thread.

  • Hmmm Maybe.  If there is a better area I'd be glad to post it elsewhere.  The movie is out and I'm just excited to share (especially since it is filled with Hitfilm generated FX).  Sorry about that!

  • No problem. Maybe create your own new thread to announce easier for people to find it! 

  • Agreed- jond76 - post it in the "Everything Else" or "Filmmaking" category seeing as it's a commercial endeavor. I can understand your excitement but by posting on someone else's thread it's going to generate comments not related to Har's work which is why this thread is called "The "What's Har Been Working On?" thread..." Thanks for understanding.

    Har - I commented on the other thread about the lyrics vid.....but I did want to ask did you get the numbers in the teaser video so shiny? It looks absolutely the same way your eyes slide right off a Shadow vessel from B5.

  • StormyKnight - I'm guessing you mean the slowly rotating black "2063" numbers? I did that as well as the red electrical arc effect using Blufftitler software - it's excellent for that kind of thing. I then exported it as an image sequence and then brought that into Hitfilm along with the background imagery (the sky in that was from a timelapse sunset I shot last year) for compositing and grading.

    (I also used Blufftitler for that glowing plasma effect you mentioned at the end of the "Sunset 2063" video as well)

  • Sorry all. Gonna fix this, asap!

  • No worries! 

  • Har, I read the thread title as "What have you been working on"

    Brain fart express, leaving the station :)

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    Hey there! Yep, I'm still alive but these days have mostly been focusing on the audio side of things again - kinda hard to make music videos when you don't have the music ready for them yet LOL. 
    Anyway, yesterday whilst recording I decided for the fun of it to plunk my old Flip HD up to see if I could maybe capture some quick and dirty footage to use for a future after-the-fact "here's what it looked like while I was recording the album" video. I managed to grab a little bit of interesting stuff, but once again I find I love using HF for still image processing as I do video work! A quick screengrab from the session yielded this, which I kinda like. This was also my first time using HF4 Pro since I installed it (yeah, I know... LOL), and I'm happy to report that so far it's performing just dandy with my GTX 570. 

    Har recording bass, June 2016



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    Hey there! I'm finally back with something to actually watch this time. LOL  And yes, I'm using HF4 Pro finally! 

    I just released the first quick teaser video for my upcoming new album, the second "episode" in the ongoing "time travel gone really really wrong" heavy-prog concept release, 2063. Annnnnd it looks like this...I'll continue with more notes below in case you're interested.
    HINT: got subwoofer? Use it. Enjoy!

    Anyway! I kept it fairly simple this time - keeping the emphasis on a shorter actual teaser, per se. Nothing overly flashy with wild use of 3D modeling or tracking or things like that - that said, there IS use of 3D modeling and tracking. Just not "holy crap, there's a spaceship flying over my house!" flashy use. But it does seem to have it's moments here, I guess. 

    As usual, compositing/VFX/grading done with HF4 Pro, with final editing and tweaking in ye olde Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12.  Some call-back footage from last year's 2063/Part 1 teaser, plus entirely new stuff. The crib/window shot actually began life as a still that I did in Hitfilm for the last release's associated booklet using some quick simple models I worked up in was a fairly straightforward matter of now bringing it to life with motion in HF4.  Oh, and the little kid is from an old photo of me on my 3rd birthday. The fact that it's a black and white photo should say something about how ancient I am... LOL

    For those into the audio side of things: the music is a segment of a new track on the upcoming album, with me playing everything and recorded using Cakewalk Sonar X1 Producer (I literally just yesterday finally got the newest version). Sound design and effects were worked up in both Sonar and Sound Forge, and includes, amongst other things the heavily mutated sound of our house's central airco. Mastering via Izotope Ozone 7.

  • Yes! That was great! :)

  • spydurhank - thanks!!! 

  •  @Har Friggin' awesome!

    Nicely done. Clean and crisp.

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