Concentric Circles Ray Gun

Hi guys
I'm wanting to do something like a 1940's Flash Gordon ray gun type of thing....where concentric circles emanate from a point (preferably the barrel of a gun)...and get bigger until it hits it's mark.(kind of cone shaped)
Is this possible with the Particle Simulator?
I've tried animating single circles, but it's quite time consuming...and I would like (if possible) have it exist in 3D space so I can point it in any direction....and have it in a continuous loop.
This pic of AquaMan kind of  indicates the type of thing I'm looking for.
If it is possible with the Particle need to explain....I'll teach myself :)
I just wanted to check if it was possible before I began.
Thanks heaps!!


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    Yeah, you can do it with the particle sim. Radio waves may be the place to build your source texture. :-)
  • If you don't need the circle to change shape, the creating a simple PNG with transparency will probably be fastest, rather than using an embedded comp with radio waves/masking etc.
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    Thanks guys! Got it!
    Having some fun with it now :)
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    Since you added the video as an Edit to an existing post, the topic didn't bump when you uploaded.
    Looks good! You doing the sequel to "Invasion?" Because I really enjoyed that film.
    Oh, you're tagged as an Express user, so no particle sim. How'd you put it together?
  • Hey thanks Michael!
    My brother has the Hitfilm 2 Ultimate software and allows me to play around with it (as he never does) :)
    Oh and as for the sequel to Invasion, it's slowly being filmed. So many delays with my actors taking long overseas holidays (including myself), people getting married, work....etc
    As time goes by, I slowly try to experiment with new effects/techniques (as I learn them). First it was the tracking,then the 3D imports, now getting into Particles (finally).
    I made a little trailer last year about the sequel. - Stay tuned...and thanks again!
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    Remember with the particle sim you can assign a video clip or embedded comp shot as an animated texture source for the particles.
    For the shot I embedded above I created three texture sources with my saucer model (one source is 800x800 pixels, one is 400x400, the last 100x100. Otherwise, same model, same animation) and used three particle emitters to create most of the fleet. That last saucer at the end is a keyframed model, but every other saucer is a particle.
    This might be helpful to you if you plan on doing a large-scale invasion again, since you can hand-key your foreground ships and procedurally create a massive fleet for mid-to-background.
    I used three texture sources of different sizes for foreground, midground and background. Technically, I could have used one, but giving the saucers far off in the background a smaller, less detailed texture sped up workflow and render.
    Simon Jones's "Particle Cloning" tutorial covers setting up an animated particle texture.
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    This is a deleted double-post. Move along.
  • Absolutely superb!! :)
    As you may or may not know, I actually made my "Invasion" movie originally with physical green screen models. Then after I acquired Hitfilm, I re-shot 60% of it with 3D model imports (and a heap of tracking shots).
    Now that I have my hands in the Particle stuff, I'll strive to do something along the lines of what you've shown me here in my sequel :)
    Nothing like a classic saucer invasion for entertainment!! :)

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