Deatheater Fly-by

Hi there,
this is my first try to make a deatheater fly-by.
Thanks to RodyPolis for the cloud preset!
I encounter one problem with my hitfilm demo:
When I upload a movie with the youtube uploader, it doesn't fit the youtube screen properly.
My template is 1280x720, my background image is 1280x720 but still you see black "boxes" on the right and left.
I used every scale mode to see if it works but I don't get it right. Any help on this would be appreciated:)


  • The only advice I can give is making sure that next time, when you know your limit is 720x480 that you attempt to fit your film to that template size. I know HD is awesome, I love it too. You should send in a support ticket to HitFilm Support. They might be able to help. HitFilm is still getting updated so maybe the black side bars will be fixed in the next update or they will submit more size options. Great job on the video though, you should submit the death eater preset. I think a lot of people would enjoy it!
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    Are you sure your project is actually filling the frame properly? The black bars should only be there if you content is actually that big in the frame.
    If you can upload your project I'll take a look.
  • Hi,
    Here are the links for my project: (project) (clouds) (background image)

    Thanks for looking and I hope my problem can be easily solved:-).
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    I checked your video files and the aspect ratio is correct. The reason why you are seeing lines on the sides is because your template is 4/3 ratio and the youtube player is 16/9 ratio. I the HitFilm demo Youtube uploader, the max res is 720*480 (aspect ratio 4/3) Youtube however plays at aspect ratio 16/9. Youtube adds the sidebars so that your film fits the player. The top and bottom bars were from the difference of your footage and the template size. Check out my video, It did the same thing with mine, its not a problem with your footage, It's just how it appears on Youtube.
    Portal HitFilm Entry
    Once you get the full version of HitFilm, you can render HD video at 16/9 ratio and Youtube will not need to add the sidebars.
    Hope this Helps!
  • Thanks for the help Braden!
    Soon I will have my new pc and than I'll buy the full version.
  • Great work, I would love to see this mixed with some other effects light the fire perhaps. If you were to colour the fire to be black as well then it might leave some pretty cool trails.

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