Suggestion/Tutorial Request

Okay, so I've seen freddiew and Corridor Digital use stuff like 3dsmax to make some explosions and stuff, like the ehad in "Hacks In real Life" and freddiew's video called "Man vs. Katamari (I'm just mentioning the videos which fell to my mind) and I wondered if it's possible to do in Hitfilm, and how?


  • If you want pieces of the building to break off then of course you'll need a 3d program, but as far as explosions go you can do that in Hitfilm. You can either use stock footage, or build the explosion using various tools in Hitfilm such as the muzzle flash engine, and the Particle engine. That's how I made this explosion:
  • Yes, I know about the particle engine, but I was just wondering if you could import it or something like that, so you could have falling buildings and so on.

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