Imagineer's Mocha Tutorials

Triem23Triem23 Moderator

Using Mocha's camera solver takes a bit of practice, and has a bit of a learning curve--besides the tutorials done by the FXHome staff, I figured I'd add the links to some of the resources Imagineer, programmers of Mocha, have.
If you're new to mocha, this is Imagineer's page list what planar tracking is and what it can do:
And Imagineer has it's own mocha tutorials--this link should be filtered by camera solve tutorials, but you can also check out tutorials for mocha's other functions, if you're thinking about upgrading to Mocha Pro:
Imagineer's Martin Brennan also has this tutorial walkthrough of Mocha Hitfilm:
As well as this little tutorial on aligning your camera solve in Hitfilm's 3D space once you import into Hitfilm:
As I find other Imagineer resources and tutorials, I will add them to this page.
Finally: FXHome's Simon Jones has compiled all FXHome video tutorials into an easy-to-follow list. If you're looking for FXHome's mocha tutorials, you'll find them listed here:


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