War of the Worlds Heat Ray Test

This is a test I made of a heat ray hitting a tree. It's not excellent, but at least it proves that the effect is possible, it only needs a little more work. I used the same method ILM used in War of the Worlds. The main difference is that ILM used millions of particles, while I only(?) used 30,000. Feedback is more than welcome.


  • Looking really nice there. Put a grade on the overall comp and it would blend really nicely.
  • Thanks! It actually does have a grade on the overall comp... I thinks it's just too subtle. If there were a way to grade only the particles without them losing their 3rd dimension, that would improve it quite a bit. I'll have to work on that. I have a theory...
  • Great effect, would like to see it used with some live action footage. :)

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