Export After Effects CS6 Camera to .ma file?

Triem23Triem23 Moderator
I have a few shots I needed to use the AE tracker for (handheld, off-white, stucco walled courtyard, overcast day, sun near horizon, so courtyard basically shadowed--no contrast/texture for Mocha, and curved, barred balconies aren't traceable with planes. I needed points.). This is my first use of the AE tracker, and, since I only need to float 3D text in the environment, I will finish these shots in AE.
I'd love to be able to export AE's point tracked cameras into Hitfilm for adding 3D models.
(as a workaround, I COULD use the AE point cloud to place some textured solids, as planes, delete the video, render the planes and track that...)
AE doesn't have built-in export for it's camera tracker, but the Adobe documentation notes the existence of scripts to export to .ma, but the only scripts I have found date back to 2009.
I was wondering if anyone around ever did AE to Maya export, or tried bringing Maya .ma camera exports into Hitfilm as a composite shot?


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