Hello from Madagascar!

Hey everyone,
I haven't posted here in a while, as my life has changed a little. Sad to say I am no longer working for FXHOME, having moved on to something new. Since October I have been working for a British charity/Malagasy NGO, Azafady, as a volunteer co-ordinator in Madagascar. A far cry from web development, I now spend most of my days out "in the bush", living in a tent and doing construction work.
It's been a lot of fun, and some days very hard work, but it's incredibly rewarding to work alongside the community here on projects that really matter. In the short time I've been here, we've made repairs to two wooden primary schools, built loads of benches, made over a hundred flat-pack latrine kits for poor households, and recently started work on a new concrete secondary school.
I hope all your filmmaking projects are going well, and look forward to catching up on some movies made in HitFilm once I get access to a faster Internet connection!
P.S. We're always looking for more volunteers - take a look at azafady.org if you're interested.
P.P.S. Lots of photos here.


  • That's a neat story. I hope your venture continues to be personally enriching, and of continuing value to the community.
  • Hi Dan! I was wondering where you got off to.....especially since a PM wasn't answered about the HF site.
    I gotta say, again, you da man! I admire your courage to uproot and totally remove yourself from where you were a year ago. Bless you for the work you're doing.
    I really enjoyed the pictures. The kids look so full of hope- it's great to see.
    Have you lost 'fat' weight and gained muscle now that you're not at a computer all the time? Although, you did look pretty thin to begin with so more muscle?
    Yuck to the insects- I've never been a fan of creepy crawly things & I'm glad you labeled the one photo
    "Lizard on the Rocks" and not "Lizard, Shaken Not Stirred". ;) But the photos are absolutely gorgeous whether I like the subject or not.
    Amazing the variety of landscape you have to explore. Mountains, forests, ocean and caves- that should keep any explorer busy for quite some time. Have you run into any penguins?
    Safe travels and hope to here from you again soon.
  • Thanks guys!
    I have to admit I forgot to update my email address, so missed a few notifications.
    My weight has always been fairly constant - I have a metabolism much better than I deserve - but yes, a little bit more lean than when I left.

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